Final Retire Jim Moran Weekend this Saturday — Help Us Get Out the Vote!

Folks, our final Retire Jim Moran Weekend of the election is this Saturday, October 30. Join us to put yard signs up across the 8th District.

This is our most crucial RJM Weekend of the election as we work to spread our message to undecided voters in the critical 72 hours before the election. In light of Jim Moran’s recent anti-military comments, as reports, voters are flocking to Patrick Murray. This scandal could put Murray over the top, and we need your help.

We will meet at the King Street Metro parking lot, 1900 King St. in Alexandria, at 10:00 am. All are welcome.

If you can’t join us, please support our efforts by donating to us. As Bill Kristol of The Weekly Standard wrote,If donors step up, and if GOP leaders and committees and independent groups come forward to support the troops and do a good deed for the country — and if there are therefore resources for TV, radio and mail making Moran’s slander as infamous as it deserves to be — then we can look forward to lifting a glass to our troops as we bid farewell on Nov. 2 to Jim Moran.”

Check out our Upcoming Events and Volunteer pages for other Get Out the Vote efforts, with more to be added soon.

Also, high schoolers needing campaign service hours can check out our Volunteer page
or contact Chairman Mike Ginsberg at for opportunities.

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1 Response to Final Retire Jim Moran Weekend this Saturday — Help Us Get Out the Vote!

  1. joe_gop says:

    Excellent post – Get rid of Moran by voting for PATRICK MURRAY. We’re a week away with a lot of ground to cover. Time to unite republicans and put Murray over the top.

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