2010 Election Recap

Thank you for your support of all of the 8th District Committee’s activities in 2010.  Below is a summary of the 2010 election in the 8th District from 8th District GOP Chairman Mike Ginsberg.

8th District GOP Recap

The centerpiece of our efforts was our Retire Jim Moran program.  We launched the RetireJimMoran.com website, with Tommy Valentine as webmaster, to follow Jim Moran’s activities and highlight reasons why it was time to Retire Jim Moran.  We used YouTube videos, Twitter, and Facebook to spread Jim Moran’s gaffes and voting record to voters.  In the last week of the campaign, the website released a video of Jim Moran disparaging military service that went viral and resulted in enormous earned media for Patrick Murray and his campaign.  We had tremendous national attention focused on the 8th District race as a result of these efforts.

All told, RetireJimMoran.com had over 20,000 hits and the viral video of Moran’s comments disparaging military service was viewed nearly 30,000 times on YouTube, not counting the hundreds of thousands who saw it aired on TV on FOX News, FOX Business Network, and NBC Washington.  The District Committee also purchased print ads that ran in the Washington Post’s popular Express newspaper the Friday and Monday before the election.

The District Committee also distributed 2,000 “Retire Jim Moran” bumper stickers, 750 “Retire Jim Moran” yard signs, and 10 large “Retire Jim Moran” 4×6 ft signs, in part through our “Retire Jim Moran Weekends.”

We also assisted the campaigns by purchasing new literature for the Fairfax County Back to School Nights, funding a portion of the sample ballots used in the 8th District portions of Fairfax County, and purchasing “Murray for Congress” bumper stickers in support of the Murray for Congress campaign.  We sponsored several Murray events and made donations to the Murray campaign through the “Max Out to Murray” program.

To everyone who supported the District Committee’s efforts, whether by attending our fundraiser with Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling, donating to our “Max Out to Murray” program, volunteering for our Retire Jim Moran Weekends, or giving time at the Murray or Kelly campaign headquarters, thank you.  You made a tremendous difference and can be proud of the results.

One Final Note:  The RetireJimMoran.com website will continue even after the election.  Even though the election is over, we will be watching Jim Moran’s votes and his public statements.  He’s already preparing to elect Nancy Pelosi House Minority Leader, and will no doubt continue to take positions we’ll want to spotlight. So please continue to visit RetireJimMoran.com!

Murray for Congress Campaign Recap

Thank you so much for all your support of our 8th District candidate, Patrick Murray.  The campaign made tens of thousands of calls during the campaign, posted over 10,000 yard signs throughout the district, and raised funds through a number of successful events featuring excellent speakers.  They gave a strong effort, and won the highest percentage of the vote for a Republican congressional candidate in the 8th District in over a decade.

In the final weeks, the campaign had numerous appearances on national and local television, and garnered attention on the race through their bus campaign.  They generated tremendous enthusiasm as they traveled the district on the bus.  Their travels throughout the district helped heighten residents’ awareness of the critical issues in the campaign and successfully engaged new voters throughout the district.

Thank you to everyone who came out to support the campaign.  Your support is greatly appreciated!

Mark Kelly for Arlington County Board Campaign Recap

Thank you to Mark Kelly, who ran a tremendous race in Arlington for the County Board.  He ran a top-notch campaign, with door knocking events every weekend and a county-wide literature drop in the last weeks of the campaign.  He also distinguished himself at the multiple debates as a thoughtful, engaged candidate — which earned him the endorsement of the Arlington Sun-Gazette.

He finished his campaign effort with a very well-regarded television advertisement on Comcast cable.

Although we did not prevail, Mark raised serious issues that require attention, and put the County Board on notice that their actions, particularly with regard to spending, are being watched by concerned citizens.

Thank you to everyone who worked so hard on the race, and congratulations also to Sandy Mikilia, the Arlington GOP’s festival maistro and Mark Kelly’s campaign manager for a well-managed race.