Fast Facts on the Meals Tax

As described in the post below, the Democrat-controlled Fairfax County Board of Supervisors has put a meals tax referendum on the ballot in November. The Fairfax County GOP has put together 10 key facts about the meals tax. Please spread the word. The question will likely be towards the bottom of the ballot, and Democrats are hoping to pass it quietly.

Remember, this tax would be imposed on everyone eating at a restaurant in Fairfax County, regardless of where you live, so send these out to your family, friends, and neighbors in Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria, Falls Church, and across Northern Virginia.

Fast Facts on the Meals Tax Referendum

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors has approved a ballot measure for a new 4% tax on all restaurant meals and prepared food sold in Fairfax County. The Fairfax County Republican Committee opposes the proposed tax, and we urge Fairfax County voters to vote NO on November 8. Here are some key facts about the proposed tax:

The meals tax would be in addition to the existing 6% sales tax, for a total tax of 10%. This will nearly double the tax County residents currently pay on prepared foods.

The new tax would be added to every purchase at every kind of restaurant, even fast food and convenience stores. Prepared food items such as rotisserie chickens purchased in a grocery store and hot dogs bought at a convenience store also will be taxed at the new 10% rate.

Studies have shown that the burden for the increased tax will fall hardest on the most vulnerable people in the County, especially low-income families, senior citizens, young people, and busy families where both parents work.

Restaurant employees will be hit as well, particularly those who depend on tips for most of their income. A study by the Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington showed that customers often tip less to make up for the tax, so restaurant employees end up with less income.

You may hear that some of the anticipated revenues from the tax are to be spent on the public schools. But this is a sham: the Board of Supervisors must still decide every year how much money to give to the School Board, and the Supervisors are not legally bound to increase the school budget by the amount the meals tax brings in. If the voters approve the referendum, our taxes will go up – but school spending may not.

Even if the School Board gets more funding, there is no guarantee that it will be spent directly on teacher salaries or children’s education, or that every school in the County will benefit from the increased funding. We are all being asked to sign a blank check.

The food services industry provides 40,000 jobs in Fairfax County. This tax will affect them all.

Profit margins in the restaurant industry average just 4%: that’s the amount the business owner gets to keep. A 4% tax means the government wants 100% of restaurant profits.

The restaurant industry is intensely competitive, and most restaurant operators are small business owners. Even small increases in costs or reductions in sales can force a restaurant out of business, and put people out of work.

This is not a new idea. In 1992, the Board of Supervisors proposed the same tax, and voters said NO. In 2014, the Board brought it up again, but under pressure from residents and businesses, decided to wait. Now they are back, and now we need to vote it down.

Bottom Line: The tax will unfairly burden those who are the least able to pay it, and there is no guarantee that the money will be used for the purpose claimed by its proponents.

Contact: Fairfax County Republican Committee
703-766-4467 / / fairfaxgop.orgTwitter / Facebook

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Are you ready to pay a 10% tax on your next meal out?

In June, the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors voted to put a meals tax referendum on the ballot in the November 8th general election.

The meals tax measure, if approved by the voters, would create a 10 percent tax on all prepared meals in Fairfax County. (It would add a 4% county tax to the 6% state sales tax we already pay.) Every visit to every restaurant would be taxed 10%.

Your breakfast at the coffee shop? Taxed 10%.
Your lunch at the deli? Taxed 10%.
Your dinner at your favorite sit-down? Taxed 10%.
Your drive-thru order? Taxed 10%.
Your rotisserie chicken from the grocery store? Taxed 10%.
A hot dog at 7-Eleven? Taxed 10%.

The tax will apply to every prepared meal sold in Fairfax County, so look out, Arlingtonians and Alexandrians. As soon as you cross from Arlington or Alexandria into Fairfax County, be prepared to pay a bonus tax to the Democrats running Fairfax County.

This tax will hit all consumers, especially low or middle income diners, and all restaurant owners, small or large. Perhaps the most insidious harm will come to waiters, who rely on tips – it will be difficult to get diners to tip 15-20% on top of the 10% tax they’re already paying. If you want to be generous and tip 20%, you’ll be paying 30% extra on your check. This tax will hurt thousands of waiters and small business owners, along with your wallet.

The Fairfax County GOP is mobilizing against this tax referendum, along with a coalition of restaurant owners including Great American Restaurants, Glory Days Grill, Clyde’s Restaurant Group, and other businesses big and small that operate in Fairfax County.

Below is a flyer that FCRC is distributing at local events. Spread the word!


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From Fairfax GOP: Fairfax School Board Democrats Avoid Transparency


Democrats Amend Student Rights & Responsibilities

Fairfax, VA – June 10, 2016: At last night’s meeting of the Fairfax County School Board, Democrats showed that they care more for ideology and the exercise of raw political power than the reasonable concerns of parent and students.

Republican-endorsed members of the Board had objected to the amendment of the school system’s statement of Student Rights and Responsibilities (the “SR&Rs”) to include “gender identity,” because the public had received no notice of the proposed change, and there are many questions surrounding how the SR&Rs will be interpreted.  For example, New York City defines 31 categories of “gender identity,” yet when pressed by Board members Jeanette Hough (At Large), Elizabeth Schultz (Springfield), and Tom Wilson (Sully), neither the Democrat-endorsed Board members nor the staff could say what “gender identity” actually means.  The Board twice rejected motions that would have allowed for reasonable accommodation of parental and student concerns; once for a simple two-week delay on a 6-4 vote, and another on a motion to refer the matter to a study committee on a 7-3 vote. The Board ultimately adopted the changes to the SR&R on a 7 – 3 party-line vote.

In response to the Board’s action, Matt Ames — Chairman of the Fairfax County Republican Committee – stated, “I don’t see how any fair-minded person could have voted against the motion to delay action on the SR&R document for just two weeks.  Democrats on the Board admitted that the process leading up to the vote was flawed, and that Board members Hough, Schultz, and Wilson had raised significant substantive points.  But they still refused to allow students and parents the opportunity to become better informed on what the change will mean.  The Democrats are clearly driven by an ideological agenda, and have no respect for the public they are sworn to serve.”

Fairfax County Republican Committee

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Full convention results

Here are the full results from today’s convention. The “Votes” column is the raw or popular vote total. The “Weighted Votes” column determines the ranking of candidates, as per the party plan and the convention call. The total weighted votes allotted to each county/city are based on the total number of votes for Republican candidates in that locality in the 2012 presidential race and the 2013 gubernatorial race.

In the contest for Delegate/Alternate Delegate to the Republican National Convention, the top 3 vote-getters were elected Delegates, and the next 3 (placing 4-6) were elected Alternate Delegates. As per the convention call, a recount was conducted in the Delegate race because in the initial tally the difference between 6th & 7th place was less than 1 percent. The recount did not change the outcome.

In the State Central Committee race, the top 3 vote-getters were elected.

As per the convention call, candidates in uncontested races were automatically elected. Mark Kelly was re-elected as Chairman of the 8th District Republican Committee, and Sean Spicer was elected as Electoral College Elector. Congratulations to both!

Links to the spreadsheets containing a breakdown by county/city for each race are at the bottom of this post.

Winners are indicated by bold font.

Again, congratulations to the winners; thank you to all who ran; and thank you to all who attended the convention today!


Rank Candidate Votes Weighted Votes
1 Charles Hernick 318 258.3
2 Mike Webb 86 73.72

Delegate/Alternate Delegate to the Republican National Convention

Rank Candidate Votes Weighted Votes
1 (Del.) Tommy Valentine 268 49.94
2 (Del.) Bill Cleveland 203 35.96
3 (Del.) Charlie Keller 183 30.04
4 (Alt.) Tom Bolvin 143 26.16
5 (Alt.) Dan Rinzel 117 21.89
6 (Alt.) Erin Anderson 124 21.63
7 Douglas Faulkner 111 19.10
8 Ford Chinworth 94 18.24
9 Michael Maibach 94 17.05
10 Barbara Bowie-Whitman 91 16.74
11 Scott Cameron 84 16.46
12 Jack Blakely 100 16.19
13 John Scally 67 12.64
14 Sam Amber 62 11.71
15 Gerry Chandler 69 11.39
16 Angie Youngen 42 6.83

State Central Committee

Rank Candidate Votes Weighted Votes
1 Sandy Liddy Bourne 323 93.48
2 Dave Foster 311 87.35
3 Brian Rabbitt 260 72.54
4 Anna Urman 102 31.95
5 Robert Kenyon 78 23.75
6 Paul Blumstein 49 16.14
7 Angie Youngen 24 6.79

Breakdown by County/City

You can navigate the spreadsheet using the sheet tabs at the bottom of the screen, labeled by county/city.

» Congress

» Delegate/Alternate Delegate

» State Central Committee

» Full Elections Committee Report


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Convention winners

Thank you to everyone who attended the 8th District Republican Convention today!

We expect to have the full results posted later tonight, but here are the winners:

Nominee for Congress:
Charles Hernick

State Central Committee:
1. Sandy Liddy Bourne
2. Dave Foster
3. Brian Rabbit

Delegate to the Republican National Convention:
1. Tommy Valentine
2. Bill Cleveland
3. Charlie Keller

Alternate Delegate to the Republican National Convention:
4. Tom Bolvin
5. Dan Rinzel
6. Erin Anderson

8th District Republican Committee Chairman (uncontested)
Mark Kelly

Electoral College Elector (uncontested)
Sean Spicer

Again, we expect to have the full results posted later tonight.

Congratulations to our winners, and thank you to all who ran!

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