Two great events this weekend!

On Saturday, the Fairfax County GOP will host a straw poll and candidate forum with all eight Republican candidates for statewide office (Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General) in the June primary. All Virginia Republicans are welcome, including non-Fairfax residents.

And on Sunday, the Colonial Republican Women’s Club will host a free luncheon with Ginni Thomas, special correspondent for the Daily Caller, longtime conservative advocate, and wife of Clarence Thomas. It is free and open to all.

Click the images below to be taken to the registration pages for each event!




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Charlie Keller elected to State Central Committee

Congratulations to Charlie Keller, who was elected to the State Central Committee on Thursday to fill the vacancy created by Brian Rabbitt’s resignation due to a new job in the White House. Charlie was elected by the members of the 8th District Republican Committee.

Charlie is a member of the Arlington County Republican Committee and also serves as Chief of Staff to Congressman Bob Goodlatte of Virginia’s 6th District. He was elected as one of our three delegates to the 2016 Republican National Convention last year. We know he will do a great job.

Thank you to Matthew Hurtt for also running for the seat and offering his vision. He has been involved with the 8th District GOP for several years and we look forward to his continued involvement in the years to come.

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Arlington County GOP Resolution on Yorktown Political Signs

Whereas Yorktown High School teachers have recently posted signs with political messages in the school’s classrooms.

Whereas Arlington County School Board Policy 35-4.7 states that “Services shall be provided to students, parents and other citizens without political bias or the perception of political bias…”

Whereas Arlington Public Schools (APS) officials do not appear to recognize that the signs are political even though Democrats use the same, or similar, language in their efforts to frame current political debates.

Whereas the teachers posted the signs in a manner intended to instruct students.

Whereas political advocacy by APS teachers while teaching violates the Arlington County School Board Policy 35-4.7 prohibition against providing services with political bias.

Whereas teachers are in a position of authority and should strive to create a culture of fairness in their classrooms, which means they are fair and reasonable to competing views.

Whereas teachers engaging in political advocacy of any type, including conservative or liberal, undermines this culture of fairness.

Whereas Arlington County School Board Policy 30-3.2 on the distribution of printed materials prohibits the distribution of “written materials that are not part of the curriculum or other school activities” except as provided by the policy, which does not include posting signs in classrooms.

Whereas the signs violate the printed materials distribution policy because they are the personal views of the teachers and not part of the APS curriculum or activities.

Resolved, that the Arlington County Republican Committee urges APS officials to direct that:

The political signs be removed, and

Teachers refrain from engaging in political advocacy while teaching.

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February 23rd Meeting Call

The 8th District Republican Committee will meet on Thursday, February 23rd at 7:00 PM. The primary purpose of the meeting is to elect a new member to the State Central Committee to fill the vacancy after Brian Rabbitt resigned for a job in the White House.

The official call is available here. Details on how to file to run for the SCC seat are noted in the call. Candidates must be eligible for party office under the Party Plan of the Republican Party of Virginia to run. As per the by-laws of the 8th District Republican Committee, vacancies are filled by the current voting members of the 8th District Republican Committee.

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News & Notes from Around the 8th: February 7, 2017

Remember when Hillary Clinton said, “when they go low, we go high“?

It was clearly nothing more than empty campaign rhetoric.

Liberals across America are organizing protests against Republican elected officials. The online guides they are distributing to their activists tell them to be “angry constituents” that disrupt every public appearance of their Congressman. Senator Kaine, Clinton’s running mate, even called on activists to to take the fight to the streets.

Their goal, keep the failed Obamacare policy, preserve regulations that are stopping our economy from growing, drive our country into bankruptcy through out-of-control spending, and make America less safe by failing to secure our borders against ISIS terrorists.

While we clearly do not have Republican representation here in the 8th, we can still call other Republicans in Congress, particularly those in Virginia, and tell them they have our support to do the things they promised on the campaign trail last year.

And, call Senator Kaine and ask him why he is using such inflammatory rhetoric!

In other news, this past week our 8th District State Central Rep Brian Rabbitt resigned his position. That’s the bad news. The good news is Brian resigned to take a job in the Trump White House Counsel’s office. Congratulations Brian!

I have tentatively scheduled a meeting to elect his replacement on February 23rd. Two candidates have already expressed an interest in running. If you are interested, please feel free to send me an email at

See our Upcoming Events page for a calendar on what’s going on in the GOP in Northern Virginia!

Mark Kelly, Chairman

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