From the Chairman: Dog Days of Summer

With family vacations, weekend trips to the beach, and the neighborhood pool on our minds, political activity can often been an afterthought in the summer. But, with each passing day, the election gets one day closer. Next week, we will be just 100 days from November 4th. Today, we are just 29 days from the special election in the 48th District.

And, political scientists tell us that personal, one-on-one contact is the most effective way to increase our vote totals. That means at their front doors. And, that takes the most time and effort to accomplish.

So, while it may be the dog days of summer, the team who gets the most done in the heat will have a big advantage on Election Day. As I told volunteers at the recent Arlington GOP picnic, it may be hot, but put on your most comfortable shoes and grab a bottle of water to go out and walk for the ticket this summer.

Good news for Micah Edmond — Don Beyer seems to be phoning it in for the general election. When the FEC reports were released last week, it showed that Mr. Beyer essentially stopped raising money after the primary.

With both candidates just $30,000 apart in cash on hand, Micah has a real opportunity to be competitive financially heading into the fall. If you are able to support him with a contribution, please click here now or plan to go to his upcoming event.

Dave Foster needs our help in getting the word out about this special election on August 19th. In-person absentee voting began last week!! Dave and his team are hard at work preparing for the final four week sprint. If you can make phone calls or walk door-to-door, please volunteer online. And, be sure to like his Facebook page to help get the word out via social media.

Mark Kelly

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From the Chairman: Three Special Elections in Arlington

I hope everyone enjoyed their 4th of July. Despite the challenges we face as a nation, we still are still blessed to live in the greatest nation on earth.

In Arlington, the week around the 4th saw three elected officials resign – creating three special elections. While two of those specials will occur simultaneously with the general election in November, one will take place SIX WEEKS from TODAY on August 19th.

Voters in the 48th House of Delegates district will head to the polls to elect a new member of the General Assembly on the 19th. If we work hard to support him, our next Delegate will be Republican Dave Foster. Foster was twice elected to the School Board in Arlington — besting the Democrat machine BOTH times. He was a Republican candidate for Attorney General in 2009. And, he served four years on the State Board of Education where he was elected President.

If you can provide financial or volunteer support, visit

And, be sure to like his Facebook page at

If you are interested in running for School Board or Treasurer in Arlington in November, please contact Arlington GOP Chairman Matt Wavro at

Ed Gillespie and Micah Edmond continue to campaign at a brisk pace. Both of these great candidates can use your support.

Lee District in Fairfax will be hosting a door knock this Saturday, July 12th at 9:30 am at the home of Anna Urman, 4410 Flintstone Road, Alexandria 22306 (map). Please join them if you are able.

The bottom line is there is much to do around the 8th District to elect Republicans. See you on the campaign trail.

Mark Kelly

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From the Chairman: Governor Threatens to Ignore the Law

After Republicans took over the Virginia Senate, they quickly negotiated a budget deal to send to the Governor. The budget rejected the call for Obamacare expansion.

Virginia taxpayers should be grateful that our elected General Assembly did not vote to put us on the hook for these Medicaid costs. It is almost certain that the federal government will inevitably pull back on its commitment to pay for 90% of the costs.

Rather than force a government shutdown, Governor McAuliffe responded by signing the budget, but line-item vetoing the provision in the bill meant to explicitly prevent funding to expand Obamacare. While the veto was ruled out of order by the Speaker of the House of Delegates, it is unlikely to stop the Governor from trying to do it anyway. Gov. McAuliffe made it clear that he fully intends to put forward a plan soon to expand Medicaid without the statutory authority to do so.

The Governor’s announcement that he will ignore the law is disturbing. He appears to be taking his cue from President Obama who says all he needs to make new rules is a phone and a pen.

In a representative government with separation of powers, Gov. McAuliffe cannot simply make it up as he goes along. He’s not the head of the Democratic National Committee, or a suspect green automotive company, anymore. The people of Virginia should expect him to follow the law – even if he doesn’t like it.

Mark Kelly

P.S. Remember, if you ever get audited, just tell the IRS agent that your hard drive with all the copies of your receipts, crashed. It is apparently now an “IRS-approved” excuse.

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TONIGHT: Meet the Ticket!

Come meet the 2014 GOP ticket for Northern Virginia tonight in McLean!

The Fairfax County GOP’s Meet the Ticket event will feature our own 8th District nominee Micah Edmond, our new U.S. Senate nominee Ed Gillespie, and our nominees from the 10th District (Barbara Comstock) and the 11th District (Suzanne Scholte).

Tickets are $65/person or $120/couple. Get the details and register online here!

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From the Chairman: Who Is Don Beyer?

Don Beyer won his party’s nomination in the 8th Congressional District last week. For the duration of the campaign, Beyer ran hard to the left. He supports restricting health care choices through Obamacare, supports higher energy prices through a carbon tax, supports restricting second amendment rights, and well, pretty much every other favorite liberal pet cause.

The day before winning the primary, he gave an interview to the New York Times where he characterized himself as someone in the “middle” not in the “left corner.”

Don Beyer wants it both ways, but his platform is right out of the Obama-Pelosi dream catalog. We need to rally behind Micah Edmond and make the case to our friends and neighbors that the liberal agenda that Don Beyer stands squarely behind is wrong for America’s future. It restricts opportunity for Americans striving to move up the economic ladder. It limits our Constitutionally-guaranteed liberties. And, it will bankrupt future generations by heaping massive debts on their backs.

This Saturday, there is an opportunity to canvass for Micah – meet at 9 am at the home of Tim & Beth Nank, 5684 Tower Hill Circle in Alexandria (map).

In other news, Virginia’s freshly re-minted Republican Senate reached a budget compromise last week. Governor McAuliffe now faces a choice – sign it, or threaten a government shutdown over Obamacare expansion.

We’ll be watching.

Mark Kelly

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