Thirteen years

Early on Tuesday, September 11, 2001, 2,977 people woke up.

2,203 of them went to work in or around the World Trade Center.

343 of them reported for duty as NYFD firefighters. 37 of them reported for duty as Port Authority police officers. 23 of them reported for duty as NYPD police officers.

125 of them reported for duty at the Pentagon.

87 of them boarded American Airlines Flight 11 from Boston to Los Angeles.

60 of them boarded United Airlines Flight 175 from Boston to Los Angeles.

59 of them boarded American Airlines Flight 77 from Dulles to Los Angeles.

And 40 of them, plus an unborn baby, boarded United Airlines Flight 93 from Newark to San Francisco.

Going to work. Getting on a plane. Everyday routine activities. It was a beautiful sunny morning on the East Coast. It was primary day in New York City. But while 2,977 people woke up expecting a normal day, 19 others, all thugs and cowards, woke up with plans for a day that was to be anything but normal.

We all remember where we were that morning. We, too, were doing routine activities – sitting in traffic while going to work or driving our kids to school. But if we were watching or listening to the news between 8:49 am and 9:02 am, we were horrified by what we thought was a tragic accident at the World Trade Center. At 9:03 am, we were shocked as we watched live on television as war was declared on the United States.

We were petrified at 9:39 am that another plane had hit the Pentagon, killing 125 of our family, friends, and neighbors. These were the men and women who we saw in the grocery store, on the Metro, next to us in traffic on 395 or Route 50. Some of us may have even been next to them in traffic that morning.

We were utterly horrified at 9:59 am when we watched one of America’s icons of prosperity crumble to the ground – and imagined what it was like for the people who were there.

We fearfully wondered what was next and got our answer after 10:00 am when we learned another plane had crashed in rural Pennsylvania at 10:03 am.

We were speechless when evil finished its task at 10:37 am with the collapse of the remaining tower, taking hundreds more lives, including those of brave policemen and firefighters who stayed in the building to save lives even though it meant losing theirs.

For the rest of the day, we watched television in shock of what had happened. We told our families and friends how much we loved them, realizing the fragility of our lives. We threw away our differences and truly united as a people. We weren’t Republicans or Democrats anymore. We were Americans. We woke up on September 12, 2001 to another not normal day – except this time, we were kinder, gentler, eager to help in any way we could. We donated our time and money and offered our prayers. We were reborn in our love of our country. We were shaken to our core, but we did not allow terror to break us. We heard stories of courage and bravery, like the 393 first responders who gave their lives in New York; the 40 passengers who rose up and stopped their flight from hitting Washington, saving countless lives and winning the first battle in the War on Terror; the hundreds of volunteers digging through the rubble for survivors 24/7. Perhaps we enlisted in the military, or went back to church for the first time in years. We had suffered a tremendous loss. But because we were Americans, we picked ourselves right up and became a better people in the aftermath of an unspeakable tragedy. We slowly went back to work. Back to school. Back to the airport, flying again. The stock market reopened. Baseball resumed its season. We knew we had to go on with our lives. But we pledged never to forget.

Thirteen years later, we haven’t forgotten. The memories are foggy and the spirit of being united has unfortunately faded, but we haven’t forgotten. We haven’t forgotten the 2,977 people and 12 unborn children we lost that day, and the 6,717+ brave soldiers we have lost in the War on Terror, and the 50,897+ who have been wounded serving our country in the War on Terror. It is our duty and solemn responsibility that we never forget as long as we live, and that we teach future generations about that day and the lessons we learned.

Today, we remember what happened 13 years ago and we offer our prayers for those who perished and their families and those who still suffer physically or mentally from the events of that day. We know that despite our differences, we are all Americans, and no cowardly act of terror can break our resolve or take away our liberty. We will never surrender to terrorists. We will live our lives freely and no one can stop us. We are Americans. May God bless the United States of America, now and forever.

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Micah Edmond fundraiser this Sunday!

Micah Edmond is holding a fundraiser this Sunday, September 7th. With Labor Day behind us, the campaign season has begun in earnest, so please come out to support Micah!

It will be held on Sunday at 5:00 pm at 6414 22nd Street North in Arlington (map). Tickets are $50/person. (Sponsorships are available at $100, $250, $500, $1000, and $2600).

Register online here, or RSVP to Erica Nurnberg at or 202-215-1946.

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48th House District Special Election: Vote TODAY!


Special Election Day for the 48th District House of Delegates seat is TOMORROW, Tuesday, August 19th! Polls will be open from 6:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Dave Foster is our Republican nominee! He is a longtime Arlington resident who served two terms on the Arlington County School Board, and served two terms on the Virginia Board of Education, including one term as President of the Board. He is highly qualified for the job and will make an excellent delegate – if we get out and vote for him!

(You can read about his opponent’s “war on women” in the posts below.)

Turnout for this election is expected to be very low, so every vote counts, even more so than usual. Earlier this year, a special election for state Senate in the Eastern Shore of Virginia was decided by a margin of nine votes out of 20,000 cast – and the Republican candidate lost. One person really can decide an election. Terry McAuliffe showed in the budget showdown that he is willing to break the law and bully legislators to get what he wants, so we need to send another Republican to the House of Delegates to stand strong against Terry McAuliffe. Please go out and vote for Dave Foster!

All but one of the precincts in the 48th House District are in the 8th District – 13 in Arlington and 7 in Fairfax County.

If you vote in one of the precincts listed below, please go out and vote for Dave Foster tomorrow!:

6 – Crystal City
7 – Cherrydale
10 – Wilson
16 – Lyon Village
19 – Rosslyn
20 – Thrifton
24 – Woodlawn
33 – Rock Spring
34 – Yorktown
35 – Madison
36 – Marshall
44 – Dawson Terrace
50 – Crystal Plaza

302 – Chesterbrook
305 – El Nido
307 – Haycock
310 – Kirby
312 – Longfellow
314 – McLean
318 – Westmoreland
333 – Salona #2

TO CHECK IF YOU ARE IN THE 48TH DISTRICT, AND TO CHECK YOUR POLLING PLACE: Click here to go to the Virginia State Board of Elections’ voter tool. Select your county (Arlington or Fairfax), enter your address, and click Search. Your poll location is listed first. Underneath that box is a blue heading that says Districts. If nothing shows up underneath it, click the small + symbol to expand the box. Your district is listed as “House of Delegates: 0__”.

Click here to go to our special election info page for more about the election and about Dave Foster.

Volunteers are needed to help the Foster campaign on election day. If you want to be a poll watcher, or go door to door to turn out the vote, please contact Chris Marston at

Again, we need your help to elect Dave Foster and strengthen our Republican majority in the House of Delegates to stand firm against Terry McAuliffe’s overreaches. Please get out and VOTE!


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“Rip” Sullivan’s War on Women

From the Fairfax County GOP:

Various online sources have now reported that “Rip” Sullivan, the Democratic candidate for the open seat in the 48th House of Delegates, played a questionable role in a wrongful termination and gender discrimination lawsuit that was ultimately settled by his law firm. The appalling details behind the litigation can be found here – but the bottom line is that serious questions have been raised about Sullivan’s attitudes towards women and the disabled.

On July 31, at a joint press conference, Sullivan stated that he believes that a woman’s health decisions should be between her and her doctor. Yet, if the allegations in the litigation are true, Sullivan – an attorney, not a doctor – believes that it is acceptable to pressure a woman who was injured while working for his law firm to return to work earlier than her doctor had recommended. He also believes that a woman in that position is not entitled to reasonable accommodations by her employer. And he believes that she should be discharged even when male employees with comparable performance records are retained.

In fairness to Mr. Sullivan, we have only heard one side of the story. But we have seen no response to the charges from Mr. Sullivan. And of course his allies in the local press have no interest in giving the voters the information they need to decide. Still, we can be certain that if “Rip” Sullivan were a Republican he would not be allowed to skate by without more scrutiny on this matter.

If Sullivan has the audacity to treat his own employee with such disdain, how will he treat his constituents in Virginia’s 48th House District? His silence on this matter speaks volumes. The stakes are too high to take a chance on “Rip.”

Fortunately, voters have a choice. Dave Foster has an unblemished record of public service on the Arlington County School Board and the State Board of Education, and we can count on him to treat all of his constituents fairly and honestly.

On Tuesday, vote for Dave Foster to be the next delegate from the 48th House District!

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From the Chairman: Special Election Update

Next Tuesday is the Special Election in the 48th House of Delegates seat in the General Assembly.

In typical fashion, Democrats are trying to turnout their voters by trumpeting Rip Sullivan’s support for their liberal agenda. And, they are hitting Republican nominee Dave Foster for allegedly being a part of a Republican “war on women.”

It’s a page right out of President Obama’s 2012 playbook.Today, that playbook is looking a little less likely to succeed.

The Bearing Drift blog published the first details of a gender discrimination/wrongful termination lawsuit against Democrat nominee Rip Sullivan’s law firm. According to the documents, Sullivan allegedly was the one who recommended the termination in question.

For more details on these shocking allegations, click here. Mr. Sullivan certainly has a lot to answer for regarding his role in this case.

In the closing days, we can work together to promote Dave Foster’s positive record of working collaboratively on the Arlington School Board and the Virginia Board of Education. We can talk about Dave’s opposition to wasting our scarce transportation dollars on the streetcar. We can remind people that Dave opposes raising taxes on energy, and Dave opposes Sullivan’s proposal to reinstate the death tax.

If you can volunteer for Dave in the final 72 hours to get out the vote in this low turnout race, please sign up at his website here:

Mark Kelly

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