From the Chairman: A Thanksgiving Message

President Eisenhower used the following words in his 1954 Thanksgiving Proclamation:

“Early in our history the Pilgrim fathers inaugurated the custom of dedicating one day at harvest time to rendering thanks to Almighty God for the bounties of the soil and for His mercies throughout the year. At this autumnal season tradition suggests and our hearts require that we follow that hallowed custom and bow in reverent thanks for the blessings bestowed upon us individually and as a Nation.

We are grateful that our beloved country, settled by those forebears in their quest for religious freedom, remains free and strong, and that each of us can worship God in his own way, according to the dictates of his conscience.

We are grateful for the innumerable daily manifestations of Divine goodness in affairs both public and private, for equal opportunities for all to labor and to serve, and for the continuance of those homely joys and satisfactions which enrich our lives.

With gratitude in our hearts for all our blessings, may we be ever mindful of the obligations inherent in our strength, and may we rededicate ourselves to unselfish striving for the common betterment of mankind.”

As I sit with my family this Thanksgiving, I am grateful that we still live in the greatest nation on earth. That my four children still have the hope given to us by our Founding Fathers through our Constitution.

Throughout the course of our nation’s history, so many have fought and died to protect our rights. We cannot thank them enough.

It is incumbent upon us to continue to work in the political arena to elect women and men who share our commitment to securing our liberty for years to come.

I want to thank our candidates in the 8th District this fall — Ed Gillespie, Micah Edmond and John Vihstadt. Putting your name on the ballot and waging a campaign takes real sacrifice.

Ed, Micah and John made us proud. John’s win in deep blue Arlington was truly historic — and resulted in the Arlington County Board shelving a half-billion dollar boondoggle project. For that, all taxpayers in Arlington should truly be grateful.

I want to thank so many of you who volunteered your time and efforts to knock on doors, make phone calls, send emails and Facebook messages to help our candidates this year. Campaigns are a team sport and we appreciate volunteers like you who give so generously of your time.

As you gather with family and friends today, I pray that each of you has a day of rest, of remembrance, and of rejoicing.

God bless you.

Mark Kelly

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RPV Advance: December 5-7 in Dulles

The 31st Annual Republican Party of Virginia Advance will be held Friday-Sunday, December 5-7 in Dulles!

Join us at this annual conference as we examine the 2014 elections and look forward to 2015.

The Advance will be held at the Westfields Marriott, 14750 Conference Center Drive in Chantilly (map). Passes to the Advance are as follows:

Bronze Level ($55)
• Friday Night Welcome Reception
• Hospitality Suites
• Workshops

Silver Level ($110)
• Friday Night Welcome Reception
• Hospitality Suites
• Workshops
• Saturday Commonwealth Awards Luncheon

Gold Level ($165)
• Friday Night Welcome Reception
• Hospitality Suites
• Workshops
• Saturday Commonwealth Awards Luncheon
• Saturday Morning Breakfast

Individual tickets to the RPV Advance Gala on Saturday evening are $100.

Click here for the tentative agenda and details on host and sponsorship opportunities.

Click here to register for the Advance. (Ticket prices will go up by $10 after 5 pm on Tuesday 11/25.)

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From the Fairfax GOP: Thank You Ed Gillespie!

Earlier this afternoon, Ed Gillespie announced that he had called Mark Warner to congratulate him on winning the 2014 campaign. Ed has concluded that there is no realistic way to make up the roughly 16,000 votes that separate him and Senator Warner. I am always disappointed when our candidates come up short – never more so than in this case.

Ed’s many outstanding qualities made him a formidable candidate. First among those qualities was his courage: To take on a sitting United States Senator, having never run for elective office, is an enormous undertaking which few of us would ever consider. On the campaign trail, Ed’s optimism, love of country, and genuine commitment to advancing policies that would improve the lives of every Virginian were evident in every interaction he had with voters. His ability to communicate his positions clearly and convincingly is second to none. And his honesty, courtesy, and decency mark him as an exceptional man.

Ed said from the beginning that it would be a hard race to win, but that it was winnable. The narrow margin proves he was right: the lesson for all of us is never quit and never believe the nay-sayers. Ed gave it everything he had, as did Cathy, who represented him so well all across the Commonwealth.

The Fairfax County Republican Committee is proud to have Ed and Cathy as members, and proud to have had the opportunity to support them in such a worthy endeavor.

In Fairfax County, Ed’s campaign outperformed the statewide races of 2012 and 2013. In recent years, only the McDonnell-Bolling-Cuccinelli sweep of 2009 has done better in Fairfax. While we are proud of our work on Ed’s behalf, this performance is a testament to his strength as a candidate.

Ed’s efforts will benefit our committee and future candidates. We are constantly working to strengthen our organization, and by engaging the many different communities in the County, Ed’s campaign has done much to expand the reach of the Republican Party in Fairfax.

Please join me in thanking Ed for representing our party so honorably and so well throughout the 2014 campaign.

Most sincerely,

Matt Ames
Fairfax County Republican Committee

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Statement from RPV Chairman Pat Mullins on Ed Gillespie

From Republican Party of Virginia Chairman Pat Mullins:

“There aren’t proper words to describe how proud and grateful I am for the campaign run by Ed Gillespie. While the press and the polls gave him no chance at all — and many scoffed at him for even trying — Ed pressed on, ran his own race, and came within an eyelash of toppling a giant.

Ed Gillespie presented a positive message for Virginians to rally behind, a belief that our best days are ahead of us — a belief sorely missing during the last six years. All the while, he managed to finally break the spell, finally showing Virginians that Emperor Warner was in fact wearing no bipartisan clothes at all, and was instead a naked partisan. It will be some time before Mark Warner can say one thing in Virginia and do the opposite in Washington.

But more than anything, Ed Gillespie proved that when Virginia Republicans stand united, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish. I have no doubt that Ed Gillespie is far from done in Virginia politics, and that gives me great hope for the future.

Thank you, Ed. Job well done!”

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From Micah Edmond: Thank You

While we all wished for victory in Virginia’s 8th Congressional District for 2014, we still made history. With your support, we have succeeded beyond my wildest dreams to promote a new vision, a new voice and a new energy in the Republican Party.

Together, we have demonstrated that Republicans can be forward looking, inclusive and pragmatic problem solvers. We have redefined the political landscape as a contest for the best ideas. And we have proven that we are willing to tirelessly go anywhere, engage anyone, and take no one for granted.

I am grateful to have had this opportunity to represent my party. I believe one’s obligation is not to declare independence from family, rather to recognize and respect honest differences, and unify around common values. I am just as grateful to have fought for the hearts and minds of every voter in the 8th Congressional District. I have met some incredible people here. It has been, still is, and shall remain my home. As such, I want to assure you all that I will continue to promote great ideas that make the American Dream achievable for all. As Voltaire said, “nothing is as powerful as an idea who’s time has come.” Team Edmond hopes that we have made you proud and that you know this is not the end–only the beginning.

My humble thanks,

Micah Edmond

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