The boundaries of Virginia’s 8th Congressional District were redrawn in 2021 after the census and redistricting process. The new lines took effect with the 2022 elections.

  • The 8th District now includes all of Arlington County, Alexandria City, and Falls Church City, as well as parts of Fairfax County. (The changes made during the 2021 redistricting affect only the Fairfax County portions of the district.)
  • The new 8th District runs inside the Beltway, except for Tysons Corner. Everything east of I-495 (except Tysons) is now in the 8th District, and everything west of I-495 is now outside the district. Large portions of Fairfax County, including parts of Annandale, McLean, and Springfield, have been drawn in to the 8th District.
  • South of the Beltway, the boundary has been pushed east of I-95. Parts of Springfield and Lorton near I-95 which were previously part of the 8th District have been drawn in to the 11th District.
  • The district’s southern boundary is the same, going down to the Occoquan Bay and including all of Mason Neck.


You can view an interactive map of the new 8th District here.