2012 Federal Elections
November 6, 2012

U.S. House of Representatives, 8th District
Republican Nominee: Patrick Murray

U.S. Senate
Republican Nominee: George Allen

Republican Nominee (presumptive): Mitt Romney


2012 Local Elections
November 6, 2012

Alexandria City Council (six seats to be elected)
Republican Nominees
: Frank Fannon (incumbent), Alicia Hughes (incumbent), Bob Wood

Arlington County Board
Republican Nominee: Matt Wavro


2012 Amendments to the Virginia Constitution
to be voted on by the People on November 6, 2012

*The Republican Party may or may not take a position on these amendments.*

Legislative sessions amendment
The state Constitution requires the General Assembly to reconvene on the sixth Wednesday after the end of the regular session in a “veto session” to consider bills that were vetoed by the Governor or sent back to the Assembly with the Governor’s suggestions. The proposed amendment would allow the General Assembly to delay the start of the veto session by up to one week to avoid the possibility of having to schedule the veto session during Holy Week or Passover. Read the full details here.

Eminent domain amendment
The power of eminent domain allows the state government to take private property for legitimate public use only with just compensation to the private property owner(s). The proposed amendment would tighten laws on when eminent domain can be exercised. In summary, the amendment states that the right to private property is fundamental; the taking of private property must be for legitimate public use; no more property than is needed for the stated public use may be taken; eminent domain may not be exercised for private gain or increasing jobs, taxes, economic development, etc.; the definition of “just compensation” is expanded to include no less than the value of the property taken, the lost profits and lost access by the private owner(s), and damages to the private property being seized; and the party/entity seeking to seize private property via eminent domain has the burden of proof to show that the property is being taken for legitimate public use. Read the full details here.