2016 8th District Convention

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Latest update: 5/6/2016

The 2016 8th District Republican Convention will be held on Saturday, May 7, 2016 at Kenmore Middle School.

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Kenmore Middle School
200 South Carlin Springs Road
Arlington, VA 22204

Attending the Convention

Participants in the convention registered through their county/city Republican Committee. The deadlines to register to be a voting delegate to the 8th District Convention have passed. The convention is open to the public, but voting is for duly registered delegates only. Guests are welcome, but may not vote.

Registration for voting delegates begins at 8:00 AM and ends at 10:00 AM. You must be in line by 10:00 AM on Saturday to get your credentials and to be able to vote. Late arrivals will not be allowed to vote, as per the convention call and party rules.


Offices & Candidates for Election at the 8th District Republican Convention

This list includes officially filed candidates running for offices/positions to be elected at the 8th District Convention. Websites, social media profiles, and email addresses are listed as provided by the candidates.


» Charles Hernick

Website: CharlesHernick.com
Facebook: Charles Hernick
Twitter: @charleshernick
Email: charles@charleshernick.com

» Mike Webb

Website: MikeWebbforCongress2016.com
Facebook: Mike Webb for Congress
Twitter: @2016MikeWebbVA8
Email: michaelwebbcongress2016@gmail.com

Chairman of the 8th District Republican Committee

» Mark Kelly

Email: chairman@vagop8cd.org

Member of the State Central Committee

Voters can vote for up to three candidates. Three will be elected.

» Paul Blumstein

Facebook: Virginia 8th CD Conservative Ticket
Email: va8cdconservative@gmail.com

» Sandy Liddy Bourne

Twitter: @sandylbourne
Email: alexandrabourne@msn.com

» Dave Foster

Email: dave@davefoster.com

» Robert Kenyon

Facebook: Virginia 8th CD Conservative Ticket
Email: robert.kenyon@gmail.com

» Brian C. Rabbitt

Email: BrianRabbittVA8@gmail.com

» Anna Urman

No info provided

» Angie Youngen

Email: angie4va08@gmail.com

Delegate/Alternate Delegate to the Republican National Convention

Voters can vote for up to six candidates. The top three candidates will be delegates, and the next three candidates (placing 4th-6th) will be alternate delegates.

» Sam Amber

No info provided

» Erin Anderson

No info provided

» Jack Blakely

Twitter: @capitalminority
Email: jack@jackblakely.gop

» Tom Bolvin

Email: tbolvin@k12.com

» Barbara Bowie-Whitman

Email: bowiewhitmanb@gmail.com
Facebook: Barbara Bowie-Whitman

» Scott J. Cameron

Website: FriendsofScottCameron.com
Email: scottjcameron@verizon.net

» Gerry Chandler

Website: convincemeifyoucan.com/Chandler
Email: gop@chandlerbates.info

» Ford E. Chinworth

Facebook: Ford Chinworth for Delegate
Twitter: @chinworth
Email: huntingtonareagop@cox.net

» Bill Cleveland

Email: billclev@comcast.net

» Douglas L. Faulkner

Email: faulknerforgopdelegate@gmail.com

» Charlie Keller

Email: charliekeller2001@yahoo.com

» Michael C. Maibach

Website: MaibachFund.us
Facebook: Essays of Michael C. Maibach
Email: m@maibach.us

» Dan Rinzel

No info provided

» John Scally

Twitter: @JPScally
Email: scallyj@gmail.com

» Tommy Valentine

Website: TommyValentine.org
Facebook: Tommy Valentine for Delegate to the Republican National Convention
Email: tommy@tommyvalentine.org

» Angie Youngen

Facebook: Angie Youngen for Virginia
Email: angie4va08@gmail.com

Withdrawn: Susan Allen, Grace Chung Becker, Daniel Runde

Presidential Elector for the 8th District in the Electoral College

Voters can vote for up to one candidate; winner will cast one of Virginia’s 13 votes in the Electoral College if the Republican nominee wins Virginia

» Sean M. Spicer

Twitter: @seanspicer