From Patrick Murray

Patrick Murray sent out the following email today:

Dear Friend of Freedom,

I have been searching for months without success to find the words to thank you adequately for all your support and help.

A year ago, as we embarked on this rewarding journey, I had talked to a wide array of people to prepare for the rigors of a political campaign.  One thing among many that I learned in the Army is that you want to minimize surprises by being prepared for anything and everything.

I was prepared for how tough it would be to run in a steep uphill district.

I was prepared for the challenge of raising the financial resources necessary to compete.

I was prepared for how hard we would have to work in a race that would be underfunded.

I was prepared for almost everything we found along the campaign trail.

What I was not prepared for was the overwhelming generosity, enthusiasm and support of concerned and dedicated people like you who made this a real campaign.  From the bottom of my heart I am forever grateful.

Your financial support, your time and your commitment all combined to allow us to put forth a great effort.  Without that support, we simply would not have a campaign.  Thank you.

I want to congratulate Mark Kelly who ran a superb race for Arlington County Board.  Mark made us all proud.

Finally, we have a limited amount of time to recover our yard signs from public right-of-ways and median strips.  If as you move about the district and you see a sign or two that has not been recovered, I ask that you grab it and either hang onto it or drop it by our HQ in Old Town, Alexandria.

Thank you again for all your support.  I am humbled and gratified for it.

Honor and Courage,
Patrick Murray

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1 Response to From Patrick Murray

  1. Mary Jane Jordan says:

    Thank you, Patrick, for having the tenacityand courage to take on the long and time-consuming campaign!

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