Retire Jim Moran to be featured on the Doc Thompson radio show today!

Exciting news!  Our very own Retire Jim Moran blogger, Tommy Valentine, will be on The Doc Thompson Radio Show THIS AFTERNOON at 4:05 p.m. The Doc Thompson Show can be heard on WRVA 1140 AM radio in Richmond.  In addition, you can hear the broadcast streamed over the Internet live at (click Listen Live at the top left). The Doc Thompson Show is the local equivalent of Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh in Richmond; the show is broadcast between The Rush Limbaugh Show and the Sean Hannity Show on WRVA 1140 AM.

He’ll be talking about Jim Moran’s recent insulting remarks about the electorate, shown here:

“It [the Republican successes in the 2010 elections] happened for the same reason the Civil War happened in the United States. It happened because the Southern states, the slaveholding states, didn’t want to see a president who was opposed to slavery.  In this case, I believe, a lot of people in the United States don’t want to be governed by an African-American, particularly one who is liberal, who wants to spend money and who wants to reach out to include everyone in our society.”

You can see the interview in which Moran made these remarks at the Retire Jim Moran website.

Tommy will also be discussing other aspects of Moran’s representation, including past embarrassing gaffes and comments and his voting record.

We hope you can tune in and hear the interview!  Again, the interview is 4:05 p.m. this afternoon.
Best regards,

Mike Ginsberg
8th District Chairman

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