Last night

Last night was rough. It was not what we hoped for and not what we expected. But there is some silver lining. We have retained control of the House of Representatives, in part because all eight of our Virginia Republican congress won re-election. The House will continue to be our firewall against the Obama agenda, and hopefully Obama’s razor thin re-election will be understood to be a call for bipartisan cooperation at the federal level. And we also won the important eminent domain amendment by a huge margin of 75%-25% statewide

It hurts, absolutely, and it will take awhile to heal and we will need to do some soul searching. But very soon it will be time to turn our attention to the statewide elections in Virginia in 2013. We will have a big election for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General, as well as the House of Delegates. Whoever our nominees are, we will fight hard to retain control of the state government.

Thank you so much for all your hard work over the course of this campaign. Thank you to our candidates for hard fought campaigns. Expect a statement from Chairman Mike Ginsberg in the coming days.

We are disappointed, but we are motivated more now than ever to keep up the fight. God bless America.


From Patrick Murray


I want to thank each and every one of you for your hard work, contributions, support and your prayers over the course of this campaign.

Together we ran this race for all the right reasons. Restoring America is a cause bigger than ourselves and I am proud and honored to have stood with you in this endeavor.

It has been a pleasure traveling around Northern Virginia and meeting with thousands of Virginians who want responsible government, a country that is going in the right direction and to have a Representative they can be proud of. I don’t think that is too much to ask.

When I joined the Army I took and oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, and that oath does not come with a statute of limitations. We lost this fight, but the important test of character isn’t that we lost, it is how we get back up.

I believe in you.

Honor and courage,

Patrick Murray


From Fairfax County GOP Chairman Jay McConville

Last night we had results we hoped not to see. There is no question about that. While we are excited that we were able to contribute to the re-election of our great 10th District representative Congressman Frank Wolf, we are clearly disappointed that we did not prevail in the other congressional races, or for George Allen, or of course for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

There are some things we must, however, remember. We ran the biggest, most aggressive, and most energetic ground game that the Fairfax County GOP has ever seen. We turned out our voters, even if the opposition turned out theirs as well. We made historic levels of voter contacts, often leading the nation from our single office in Fairfax County. With our partner Victory offices in Springfield and McLean we put in a record-breaking effort. We covered every fair, farmer’s market, parade and voter contact opportunity like never before. We had an army of volunteers, so dedicated, that they put all other concerns aside and worked with every bit of their energy to fight for what we believe so deeply in. We knocked on more doors, made more phone calls, and reached more voters than anyone thought possible. For that we should all be truly proud.

It has been my honor to serve as your Chairman on this journey. I look forward to continuing to fight for the principles that made our nation great. We will not let up, for it is our effort that keeps the dream of America alive.

Today is a new day. Today we rededicate ourselves to the work that will ensure our nation’s best days remain ahead of us. Do not let your energy subside. Do not let your dedication waver. There is so much left to do, and I know you will now, more than ever, redouble your efforts in the fight for liberty.

I look forward to working with you going forward, as there is much work to do. Together we will win the future. Together we will preserve our nation for our children and grandchildren.

There are so many to thank, from our dedicated volunteers to our Precinct Captains, Distric Chairmen, Executive Team, and Victory Staff. I cannot say enough about the honor of the effort you all have made. That effort will not go unrewarded. Be proud of what you have done, and be secure in the knowledge that this work will pay great dividends in the future.

God Bless you, and may God Bless the United States of America.


Jay McConville
Fairfax County Republican Committee


From Alexandria GOP Chairman Tom Fulton

These are hard fought battles, and when we don’t win we wonder if it was all worth the effort.

Trust me, it was well worth the effort.  Alexandrians deserve a choice. We need a two party system in Alexandria. We are always better off with multiple voices heard.

As a Party we will continue to build what we have begun, and the tables will begin to shift.

We were right on the issues and if the new council does not heed the voices raised on matters such as BRAC and the waterfront it will begin to rue the day.

We had wonderful candidates who worked their hearts out for a vision of limited government and controlling spending – although they lost, they are still on the right side of these issues.

Time and effort will build our party.

And the hard work of each of you.

Thank you.

Tom Fulton, Chair
Alexandria Republican City Committee


From Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli

Dear Friends and Fellow Virginians,

This loss is tough to take.

I know a lot of you put your all into electing Mitt Romney as our next president and George Allen as our next U.S. Senator. I know, because I kept seeing you out on the campaign trail, at phone banks, and at rallies.

Unfortunately, our team fell just short.

Before we move on, I want to commend everyone’s efforts in the Commonwealth. In 2008, President Obama won by over 230,000 votes. This time the the margin was less than 90,000.

With your dedication over the past several months we were able to close the gap and flip tens of thousands of those voters to our side.

For more encouraging news, nearly 75% of Virginia’s voters — 2.5 million voters — elected to defend property rights by voting yes on question one. Even with Democrat sample ballots recommending a ‘no’ vote, the eminent domain amendment passed with an overwhelming margin.

This constitutional amendment is something I’ve championed for almost 8 years and I’m proud to say that Virginia stood up to protect our individual rights.

Now, I’m not going to sugarcoat it—the next four years are going to be a struggle. If they’re anything like the last four we can expect more regulations, higher taxes, fewer jobs, and more crushing debt.

There are two ways to go from here: give up, or, learn from our mistakes and soldier on. I hope this choice is as clear to you as it is me.

When I tuck my kids in at night I don’t want to have to explain to them why I stopped fighting for their future—for our country’s future.

We owe it to our ideas to win.

You and I know this isn’t about just one election. It’s about a movement. Spreading the message of liberty and limited government is going to take a lot of time and effort.

The Founders signed the U.S. Constitution over 11 years after they signed the Declaration of Independence. And the independence movement had its beginnings more than a decade before July 4, 1776!

The one question I have for all of you is this: Are you going to allow this to be the tipping point or the turning point?

I hope you will help me stand up to the big government bullies.  We will not give up. We will fight harder than ever!

I get the feeling that a lot of you are just like me. Once you’ve had a taste of the fight for liberty there’s no turning back. You and I understand that this is a battle worth having.

It’s not just our children or grandchildren’s future that is in jeopardy anymore. It’s our immediate future. We cannot sit idly while the Federal government racks up over $16 Trillion in debt and signs our name on the bill.

When the Founders signed the Declaration they made a pledge to each other. Many of them and their family members lost their lives. Several more lost their fortunes.

Not one of them sacrificed their sacred honor.

We have the greatest country in the history of the world. That didn’t happen by accident. That didn’t happen by people doing nothing.

If there’s one thing this effort has made clear it’s this: you and I are not alone. There are millions of other Americans that will stand alongside us to fight to take our country back.

Get ready.  The battle for liberty continues!


Ken Cuccinelli, II
Attorney General of Virginia

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