Message from Mike Ginsberg

Dear 8th District Republicans,

We’ve got two weeks to go before Election Day, and it’s time for the final push.  I know a lot of folks are reading polls that seem negative, but I believe there is reason to be optimistic if we work hard and get our ground game in final gear.  This will be a low turnout election, and we have the most motivated, most dedicated activists and voters.  The other side is counting on its voters being enthusiastic and coming out, but it isn’t generating enthusiasm — it is just banking on its negative campaign succeeding.

So it is important that we Republicans take our greatest advantages — serious, experienced, and capable candidates and the hardest working, most dedicated grassroots volunteers — and put that to work in the next two weeks.  Will you give a little time in the next two weeks to help Ken Cuccinelli make calls, contact voters, and tell your neighbors about why Ken is the right choice for Governor of Virginia?

— Mike Ginsberg
8th District GOP Chairman


Ken Cuccinelli will hold a rally with special guest Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky in Fairfax next Monday!

It will be held Monday, October 28th, at 3:00 pm at the Fairfax City Firehouse, 4081 University Drive in Fairfax (map). The rally is free – we hope you come and bring others with you!


The deadline to apply for a mailed absentee ballot is next Tuesday, October 29th.

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