Message from Fairfax County GOP Chairman Jay McConville

Dear Citizens,

[This is] the last full week of this year’s statewide campaign. I have the honor of serving as the Chairman of the Fairfax Republicans, and I can tell you that our volunteers have been working tirelessly to support our candidates this year, and that we do so because we care about the future.

As you undoubtedly know, however, there are those in the media and elsewhere saying that our efforts have been for nothing, that we can’t win, and that we are divided. I take issue with that. I hope you will too, and I hope you will come out and vote on Election Day, and ask your friends and relatives to do likewise. I urge you to vote Republican.

Republicans are dedicated to this, and every election, because we know that we are engaged in an epic struggle to save our nation. Our opponents may be in denial, but we can do the math.

The policies pursued by the Democratic Party are unsustainable financially and damaging to the great tradition of opportunity that has made both Virginia and the United States places of success for our citizens. Look at states that have adopted these policies; California, Illinois, Michigan, New York, not to mention cities like Detroit. We cannot afford that kind of economic destruction in Virginia.

This year the Democrats have presented as their candidate for Governor a man who represents the worst aspects of politics – the very traits we are fighting against. His big-money, influence peddling, tax-and-spend policies are not what our Commonwealth needs. He has never served the people of Virginia, and he lacks an understanding of how our system of government works. He is proposing over $14B in new spending and increased taxes of $1700 on every family. He supports job-killing regulations, rejects ideas that improve educational opportunity, and has abandoned our citizen’s rights in exchange for campaign cash. His scandal-ridden business background is beneath the dignity of the office of Governor. He seeks to bring the policies and politics of Washington DC to Virginia.

On our side, we have nominated former State Senator and current Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, a man who has given his life to the service of the people of Virginia, a man with a real and substantial understanding of our government, and a man with plans that will foster economic opportunity for all and keep Virginia a great place to live and work. He is a limited-government proponent who respects liberty and the Constitution. He has run an issue-based and substantive campaign, with real plans to foster job creation, improve educational opportunities, and foster energy production for the people.

Unfortunately the vicious and blatantly false attacks against Ken Cuccinelli, fueled with out-of-state money and played constantly on TV, have taken their toll.

Know this, the Democrats have attacked and vilified our slate of candidates, from the top through the bottom of the ticket, for a reason. They have been aggressively dishonest, attempting to distract, confuse and manipulate the voters. They have done this because they cannot run on their policies, as those are sure to be rejected by Virginians. No Republican, whether a Tea Party favorite or one labeled as a moderate, has been spared. And they think they have won.

Well, I disagree. I have faith in the people of Virginia. I know the informed voter will not be manipulated in this way.

Now is the time to come together and remember the big issues. Remember that Virginia stands as a vital bulwark against the policies that are bankrupting our nation and destroying our future. With that in mind, put aside small differences and past arguments, and come out strong on November 5th. Let us not be defined by the attacks and divisive tactics of the McAuliffe machine, let us instead be defined by our commitment to freedom, liberty, opportunity and good government.

On November 5th, the truth must win. Together we can make that happen. Vote Republican, vote for the future of the Commonwealth, and vote for a positive vision for our United States.


Jay McConville
Fairfax County Republican Committee

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