AG recount update

As you may know, the Attorney General’s race is entering the recount process.  Mark Obenshain currently trails Mark Herring by 165 votes.  The recount is expected to start on December 16.  There will be many different actions that will take place as part of the recount, including:

  • Running optical scan ballots through tabulating machines;
  • Recounting by hand any optical scan ballots that are rejected from the machines;
  • Recounting by hand provisional ballots;
  • Recounting by hand absentee ballots;
  • Re-tallying the tapes printed by direct-recording electronic voting machines; and
  • Reprinting and re-tallying any illegible tapes printed on election night.

You can read more about the recount process at the Obenshain campaign website (click here).

The Obenshain campaign will need as many volunteers as possible for the recount.  Will you be able to help?  If so, please contact Hooff Cooksey or Nick Collette of the Obenshain campaign at and

P.S.  If you will be at the Advance this weekend, there will be special training for recount volunteers.  Please be sure to attend the training sessions.  You don’t need to go to the Advance to get training, though.  Just contact Hooff Cooksey or Nick Collette about volunteering and they will make sure you get the training needed.

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