From the Chairman: Who Is Don Beyer?

Don Beyer won his party’s nomination in the 8th Congressional District last week. For the duration of the campaign, Beyer ran hard to the left. He supports restricting health care choices through Obamacare, supports higher energy prices through a carbon tax, supports restricting second amendment rights, and well, pretty much every other favorite liberal pet cause.

The day before winning the primary, he gave an interview to the New York Times where he characterized himself as someone in the “middle” not in the “left corner.”

Don Beyer wants it both ways, but his platform is right out of the Obama-Pelosi dream catalog. We need to rally behind Micah Edmond and make the case to our friends and neighbors that the liberal agenda that Don Beyer stands squarely behind is wrong for America’s future. It restricts opportunity for Americans striving to move up the economic ladder. It limits our Constitutionally-guaranteed liberties. And, it will bankrupt future generations by heaping massive debts on their backs.

This Saturday, there is an opportunity to canvass for Micah – meet at 9 am at the home of Tim & Beth Nank, 5684 Tower Hill Circle in Alexandria (map).

In other news, Virginia’s freshly re-minted Republican Senate reached a budget compromise last week. Governor McAuliffe now faces a choice – sign it, or threaten a government shutdown over Obamacare expansion.

We’ll be watching.

Mark Kelly

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