From the Chairman: President Obama Doesn’t Want You to Vote

President Obama is hoping you won’t notice the last six years. Make no mistake about it, President Obama’s policies are on the ballot — the President even acknowledged it.

The Obama/Warner/Beyer ticket means one thing — MORE OF THE SAME!

Don Beyer is so out of touch he believes climate change is the number one issue he must tackle. Not the economy. Not increasing threats around the world. Not the nearly $18 trillion national debt.

And, President Obama has had NO bigger ally in Washington than Mark Warner. Mark Warner can say he’s independent and bi-partisan, but his record says otherwise — voting 97% of the time with the President.

Case in point–

When President Obama wanted to pass his signature legislation — Obamacare — what did Mark Warner do?

Did he reach out to Republicans to reach consensus? NO. 

Mark Warner voted with 59 Democrats and ZERO Republicans to pass it — even whipping votes in support.

Did he take special care to include all points of view on legislation to remake 1/7th of our nation’s economy? NO. 

Instead, Obamacare required political payoffs in the form of a Louisiana Purchase and Cornhusker Kickback to pass. 

What Mark Warner did was not bi-partisan problem solving. It was partisan problem creating. It was not compromise, it was my way or the highway. 

Every time I see the Mark Warner ad talking about his record of bi-partisanship, I cannot help but wonder how he has the audacity to say it. Mark Warner had his chance to be bi-partisan on the biggest question of his first term, and he sided with the President and Harry Reid instead. 

You learn a lot more by watching what someone does under pressure than from what they say in a 30 second campaign spot.

President Obama wants you to think Ed Gillespie doesn’t have a chance to win. That Mark Warner has it in the bag. That Don Beyer is unbeatable.

Public polling shows the Senate race is now within the margin of error and that Ed Gillespie has the momentum. That means whichever team turns out the most voters will wintomorrow.

So, make your PLAN to VOTE now. Put a reminder on the calendar on your iPhone, Android, Blackberry, smart watch OR put a sticky note on your bathroom mirror, front door, steering wheel, computer screen or wherever else you will look in the morning.

Our team needs your vote. Micah Edmond and Ed Gillespie have worked hard to earn our vote. 

Don Beyer and Mark Warner hope you won’t notice that they have agreed to march lock-step with the Obama agenda.

After you make your own plan to vote — email 10 friends and ask them to do the same. 

Mark Kelly

P.S. If you think your vote doesn’t make a difference, you are forgetting that last fall that Mark Obenshain lost the Attorney General’s race by less than one vote per precinct across Virginia

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