Message from Pat Mullins

Pat Mullins has announced his retirement from the chairmanship of the Republican Party of Virginia. Pat has done a fantastic job leading the Virginia GOP over the last few years and we thank him for his hard work. More to come.


Congratulations to our two new Republican members of Congress, Dave Brat and Barbara Comstock.  I’m proud that we’re able to send two new conservative Republicans to represent Virginia in the U.S House of Representatives.

And I’m particularly happy that the Republican Party now controls the U.S. Senate.  This was a great Election Day for America.

Serving as Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia since 2009 has been one of the greatest honors and privileges I’ve had in my life.  I’ll be forever thankful to the Republicans across Virginia who have placed their trust and support in me.

I’ve worked with thousands of dedicated Republican and conservative activists across the Commonwealth for our shared principles.

We’ve had our highs and lows — winning elections and losing elections — and regardless of the outcome, I’m more convinced than ever, and validated by the election results last night, that the people of Virginia and the citizens of the United States are desperately seeking consistent conservative governance.  Government has gotten too big, too intrusive, and unelected bureaucrats are having more and more negative impact on all of our lives.

But the time comes when retirement is at hand.  I’m 77 years old, and it’s time to turn the reigns over to someone else.  I have served as Party Chairman in Fairfax County, in Louisa County, and now with the RPV for 13 of the past 24 years.

I have been blessed with good health and now want to spend more time with my children and grandchildren and spend more time traveling and seeing friends across the country.

I will be resigning the office of Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia. The resignation will take effect upon the election of a new Chairman.  We will follow the required procedures laid out in our Republican Party plan for selection of my replacement which entails giving 30 day notice of the vacancy.

I will set a meeting of the Republican Party State Central Committee for January 31, 2015 which will give anyone interested plenty of time to campaign for the position.  I look forward to seeing my fellow Republicans at our Advance in December. Our State Central Committee meeting on December 5, 2014 will establish the requirements for this election.  I will continue to serve as your State Republican Party Chairman and fulfill the duties until the new Chairman is elected.

Thank you fellow Republicans for the opportunity to serve.  I also want to say a special thank you to Shaun Kenney, Garren Shipley, and the rest of the staff at RPV.  They’re a top notch group of committed and dedicated professionals that I have been proud every single day to work with.

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