From FCRC: Welcome to 2015

Fairfax Republicans:

Americans are not known for looking back.  It is in our national character always to seek the next challenge and the next opportunity.  The Romans may have marked both endings and beginnings with the worship of their god Janus, but for us, New Year’s is much more about the future than the past.

And because Virginia is for lovers of elections, we have plenty to look forward to in 2015, right here in Fairfax County.

We will begin the political New Year in high style, by electing Craig Parisot to replace Barbara Comstock in the Virginia House of Delegates next Tuesday, January 6.  If you live in the 34th House District, you can vote absentee at Dolley Madison Library, Great Falls Library or the main Government Center on Saturday, January 3, or you can vote on January 6 at your regular polling place.  If you haven’t marked your calendar already, please do it now!

Once we elect Craig, we will start the process of nominating candidates for the November 3, 2015, general election.  The House of Delegates and the Virginia Senate, as well as local offices — Board of Supervisors, Clerk of the Court, Sheriff, and Commonwealth’s Attorney — are all up for election this year.  Stay tuned for developments, as they unfold.

Later in the year, we also will have the opportunity to endorse candidates for the Fairfax County School Board and the Northern Virginia Soil and Water Conservation District.

These are all important positions, which set policies and oversee activities that directly affect our daily lives, including taxation, transportation, criminal law, education, zoning and land use, and many more subjects.  These positions matter greatly, and whom we choose to fill them matters, too.

There is no question that, as the federal government has grown larger and more intrusive, its importance in our lives has grown as well.  Obamacare is perhaps the paramount example.  But our federal system still leaves vast powers and critical functions in the hands of state and local governments, and even Obamacare — for instance, in the form of Medicaid expansion — depends on the cooperation of state governments.

No matter what happens on the national stage, our County Committee must remain focused on the matter at hand:  working hard here in Fairfax to elect Republicans to represent us in Richmond and at home.  This is especially important because if there is one thing we need more of in Fairfax County, it’s Republican elected officials.  There will be plenty of time to worry about 2016 after November 3, 2015.

Thank you for your support and hard work in 2014:  I hope we can count on you again this year.

Together, we win!

Most sincerely,

Matt Ames
Fairfax County Republican Committee

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