Meet the GOP-Endorsed At-Large Candidates for Fairfax County School Board

As you may have heard, the Fairfax County School Board has been busy pushing leftist ideas about sexuality onto children (rather than teaching them about science, math, technology, humanities, liberal arts, etc.) against the will of the parents.

Fairfax County residents have the opportunity in the fall to send a message to the leftists on the school board and the leftists backing them by knocking some of them out in the November elections.

The School Board is a non-partisan office, so these candidates have been endorsed by the Fairfax County Republican Committee. There will be an election for School Board in each of the nine magisterial districts, plus three seats for county at-large (the top three vote-getters will be elected and voters will select three on the ballot).

Meet the Fairfax County School Board At-Large candidates:

Jeanette Hough, Bob Copeland, Manar Jean-Jacques


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