Are you ready to pay a 10% tax on your next meal out?

In June, the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors voted to put a meals tax referendum on the ballot in the November 8th general election.

The meals tax measure, if approved by the voters, would create a 10 percent tax on all prepared meals in Fairfax County. (It would add a 4% county tax to the 6% state sales tax we already pay.) Every visit to every restaurant would be taxed 10%.

Your breakfast at the coffee shop? Taxed 10%.
Your lunch at the deli? Taxed 10%.
Your dinner at your favorite sit-down? Taxed 10%.
Your drive-thru order? Taxed 10%.
Your rotisserie chicken from the grocery store? Taxed 10%.
A hot dog at 7-Eleven? Taxed 10%.

The tax will apply to every prepared meal sold in Fairfax County, so look out, Arlingtonians and Alexandrians. As soon as you cross from Arlington or Alexandria into Fairfax County, be prepared to pay a bonus tax to the Democrats running Fairfax County.

This tax will hit all consumers, especially low or middle income diners, and all restaurant owners, small or large. Perhaps the most insidious harm will come to waiters, who rely on tips – it will be difficult to get diners to tip 15-20% on top of the 10% tax they’re already paying. If you want to be generous and tip 20%, you’ll be paying 30% extra on your check. This tax will hurt thousands of waiters and small business owners, along with your wallet.

The Fairfax County GOP is mobilizing against this tax referendum, along with a coalition of restaurant owners including Great American Restaurants, Glory Days Grill, Clyde’s Restaurant Group, and other businesses big and small that operate in Fairfax County.

Below is a flyer that FCRC is distributing at local events. Spread the word!


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