From the Fairfax County GOP: Vote for Fiscal Responsibility!

Borrowing money by issuing bonds can be a useful tool for funding construction of roads, parks, and other improvements – but local government officials should not ask the voters to take on new debt without considering the total burden the taxpayers already bear.

Earlier this year, the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors raised property taxes by $100 million. And, when you vote this year, the Board is asking you to give the County another $90 million a year in the form of the proposed meals tax.

The Board is also asking you to let them borrow a total of $312 million, plus interest. This money has to be repaid with future tax revenues, so if you vote to approve the three bond issues on the ballot, you and every other taxpayer in Fairfax County will be on the hook to pay the money back for years to come.

The Board of Supervisors has already shown an appetite for increasing taxes without doing enough to control current spending. Since the year 2000, inflation has gone up 49%, household income in the County has gone up by 35%, and population has increased 18% – but County property taxes have gone up by 154%.

How does this make sense? Where does it stop?

Fairfax County is a great place to live. But it won’t stay that way if the Board of Supervisors doesn’t manage spending better. This is your chance to send them a message: no more tax and spend.

Vote NO on the Bond Issues!

Vote NO on the Meals Tax!

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