Arlington County GOP Resolution on Yorktown Political Signs

Whereas Yorktown High School teachers have recently posted signs with political messages in the school’s classrooms.

Whereas Arlington County School Board Policy 35-4.7 states that “Services shall be provided to students, parents and other citizens without political bias or the perception of political bias…”

Whereas Arlington Public Schools (APS) officials do not appear to recognize that the signs are political even though Democrats use the same, or similar, language in their efforts to frame current political debates.

Whereas the teachers posted the signs in a manner intended to instruct students.

Whereas political advocacy by APS teachers while teaching violates the Arlington County School Board Policy 35-4.7 prohibition against providing services with political bias.

Whereas teachers are in a position of authority and should strive to create a culture of fairness in their classrooms, which means they are fair and reasonable to competing views.

Whereas teachers engaging in political advocacy of any type, including conservative or liberal, undermines this culture of fairness.

Whereas Arlington County School Board Policy 30-3.2 on the distribution of printed materials prohibits the distribution of “written materials that are not part of the curriculum or other school activities” except as provided by the policy, which does not include posting signs in classrooms.

Whereas the signs violate the printed materials distribution policy because they are the personal views of the teachers and not part of the APS curriculum or activities.

Resolved, that the Arlington County Republican Committee urges APS officials to direct that:

The political signs be removed, and

Teachers refrain from engaging in political advocacy while teaching.

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