New Polls: We’re Tied!

Four new polls on the governor’s race have come out in the last two days, and they show that Republican nominee Ed Gillespie is locked in a dead heat with Ralph Northam!

Suffolk University poll, 9/18:
Gillespie 42, Northam 42
Vogel 35, Fairfax 36
Adams 37, Herring 39
(Margin of error ±4.4%)

University of Mary Washington poll, 9/18:
Gillespie 39, Northam 44
(Margin of error ±5.2%)

Fox News poll, 9/19
Gillespie 38, Northam 42
(Margin of error ±4.0%)

Mason Dixon poll, 9/19
Gillespie 43, Northam 44
(Margin of error ±4.0%)

Even in the polls where Northam has a slight lead, the lead is within the margin of error. That means Ed Gillespie has closed the gap and the race is a statistical tie, and so are the races for Lt. Governor and Attorney General!

We saw in 2013 and 2014 that the polls predicted Republican candidates in Virginia would be wiped out by 9 or 10 points, but the races were decided by less than 2 points. If the polls are showing a tie, that’s good news.

Now is the time to get involved: volunteer or donate!

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