From the Chairman: The Washington Post is at it again

The biased Washington Post is at it again. Today they released a poll giving the Democrat Ralph Northam a 13% advantage. It is a blatant attempt to discourage Republicans in Northern Virginia from going to the polls.

This is not a new tactic for the liberal paper. Just days before the 2013 election, they released a poll showing Terry McAuliffe with a 12% lead. The final margin was only 2.5%.

Don’t let the Post’s attempt at voter suppression attempt work. Spread the word that Ed, Jill and John can still win.

But they still need our time and our financial resources to get across the finish line. Please help however you can!

In person absentee voting has started in Virginia for the November 7th election. Ed Gillespie, Jill Vogel, John Adams and all of our Republican candidates need your vote. So if you think you will be unable to make it to the polls on Election Day, please make a plan to vote before then.

Mark Kelly

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