Time to VOTE!


Today we elect Ed Gillespie as Governor, Jill Vogel as Lieutenant Governor, and John Adams for Attorney General!


Look up your polling place here!

Polls will be open from 6:00 AM – 7:00 PM. Do not let the bad weather dissuade you from voting — this race will be extremely close and could come down to just a couple hundred votes (as it did in the 2013 attorney general’s race).


If you want to help with election day operations (poll watching, sample ballot distribution, phone banking, etc.), or have any questions, contact your county/city GOP:

Arlington 703-677-8217 // volunteers@ArlingtonGOP.org
Fairfax  703-766-4467 // info@fairfaxgop.org
Alexandria 571-281-7042 // chair@alexgop.org
Falls Church 703-672-1188 // FallsChurchGOP@gmail.com


When I arrived at the office today wearing my “I VOTED” sticker, an office colleague commented, “there aren’t too many occasions when adults can wear stickers.”

It’s 11 am. Do you have your sticker yet?

And if you do have your sticker, have you seen other Republicans without a sticker (either in person or on Facebook)?

Nearly every poll shows this race within the margin of error, which means it is too close to call. So every vote will count.

We don’t have too look to far back in our statewide elections to understand just how close this race will be. Ed Gillespie lost his bid for Senate in 2014 by less than 1%. Mark Obenshain lost his bid for Attorney General in 2013 by about 1,000 votes, or 0.1%.

Polls are open till 7pm this evening. Please go vote and bring a friend with you.

Why is it important?

Because our ticket has focused on issues: pro-growth policies for our economy, better transportation ideas, a commitment to public safety, and adherence to the rule of law (wouldn’t it be nice to have an Attorney General committed to this fundamental principle).

The leader of our ticket, Ed Gillespie, laid out a comprehensive set of 21 policies aimed at moving Virginia forward to be a leader in the nation again.

You can check it out for yourself here: www.edforvirginia.com/issues

The Democrats have offered no ideas. In all the ads that you have undoubtedly seen on TV, do you know a single thing Ralph Northam is for? I’m betting you don’t because he has run what I like to call an “ist” campaign.

What is an “ist” campaign? It’s a negative tactic aimed at labeling your opponent as something that sounds bad. The lowest point was when Northam and his allies decided their closing argument in the final days of this campaign would be to call Ed Gillespie, and all of his supporters really, a “racist.”

Unfortunately, for many Democrats, it’s more than a campaign tactic. Right here in Northern Virginia at a Northam rally, State Senator Barbara Favola called Republicans “evil.” And when she did, the Democrats in the audience howled and applauded in approval of the comment.

As Ed Gillespie said, too many Democrats don’t just disagree with us, they disdain us.

This is the battle we are in today. Please make sure you vote by 7pm — and bring a friend with you.

– Mark Kelly


The Fairfax County GOP will host an election night victory party at the Ernst Center at NOVA Annandale, 8333 Little River Turnpike in Annandale, beginning at 7:30.


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