From 8th District GOP Chairman Mark Kelly

Thanks to Ed, Jill and John, and all of our Republican candidates who worked so hard in this election. Also, thank you to everyone who donated and volunteered to help our candidates win.

Unfortunately, the results did not go our way last night across the Commonwealth. There will be a lot of Monday morning quarterbacks out there with their opinion of what went right and what went wrong. They will point fingers and assign blame. Whatever the reason or reasons, Democrats did a better job of motivating their voters to go to the polls. And the candidates who turn out the most voters win.

This morning, we may feel disappointed. But if we are committed to our principles and our values, then we cannot give up the fight. The issues facing Virginia and the nation are too important. We must regroup, strengthen our resolve, and go back to work because the next election is just one year away.

Mark Kelly
Chairman, 8th District Republican Committee

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