Attention Fairfax County Residents: Convention Registration Deadline February 22nd

If you are a resident of Fairfax County and you wish to attend ANY of the following conventions:

  1. 8th District Republican Convention, date & location TBA
  2. Fairfax County Republican Convention on Saturday, March 13th in Fairfax
  3. Statewide Republican Convention on Saturday, May 2nd in Richmond

*You must register by 12:00 noon on Saturday, February 22nd!*

Whether you want to attend one, two, or all three of these conventions, the deadline is the same. For the first time, online registration is available!

Registering Online

Register online here. You will be asked if you want to become a voting member of the Fairfax County Republican Committee; which convention(s) you wish to attend, and for payment of filing fees (if applicable). Please note that there is no fee to vote for a nominee for Congress at the 8th District Convention, but if you wish to vote for delegate, SCC members, elector, and chairman, a $25 filing fee is due.

Registering via Paper Form

If you prefer to register via paper form, you may download it here. Please note that this paper filing form must be received at the appropriate location on the second page by noon on 2/22 — postmarks do not count! If you do not mail your form in time for delivery by noon on 2/22, you must be prepared to hand-deliver it.

Active-Duty Military Members

Active-duty military members can only register with a separate paper form. Click here for more information.

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