Announcement on the 8th District Convention

Due to the coronavirus and restrictions on large gatherings, the 8th District Republican Convention scheduled for May 30th is being altered.

The 8th District Republican Committee is finalizing details an “unassembled” or “drive-thru” convention to take place on the originally scheduled date of May 30th. The Republican Party of Virginia has voted to grant district committees the temporary authority to conduct a convention where delegates who have already registered for the convention will be able to cast their votes safely from their cars.

We expect to be able to use the parking lot of our originally chosen venue of the Waterford in Springfield, though this is subject to change. We expect to give delegates a window of time during which they can arrive at the venue and receive a ballot to complete from their cars and drop into a ballot box. Volunteers staffing the location will take all the necessary precautions, including use of masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer.

The committee is offering candidates the opportunity to record video speeches to be posted here on the website in lieu of the speeches they would have been able to give at a live convention. We also hope to hold a virtual candidate forum where all candidates can speak to voters.

The final details are coming shortly. We thank everyone for your patience and understanding!

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