From Chairman Mike Ginsberg

Mike Ginsberg, Chairman of the 8th District Republican Committee, sent out the following email this morning:

Congratulations to Patrick Murray, our Republican nominee for the 8th District congressional seat.  Patrick will be carrying our banner into the fall against Jim Moran.  Thank you also to Matthew Berry, who also ran a strong and impressive race.  Both campaigns energized Republican voters, a fact borne out by the higher-than-usual turnout in yesterday’s primary.

With the primary behind us, we now must focus full-time on our theme for the 2010 cycle:  RETIRE JIM MORAN!  It is time for us to unite behind our shared Republican principles of limited government, low taxes, and a strong foreign policy.  After a year of unsustainable spending, crushing debt, a feckless foreign policy, and the passage of Obamacare, Americans are dissatisfied and hungry for the limited government principles that are the bedrock of the Republican Party.  2010 is an extraordinary opportunity for us in the 8th District to share those principles with voters.  And yesterday’s turnout — which far exceeded that of previous primaries — suggests that voters are paying attention, frustrated with the Obama Administration and the Pelosi-Reid Congress, and very receptive to our Republican message.  Noted political pundit Michael Barone specifically cited the 8th District’s turnout as an example of high Republican enthusiasm in 2010 (see here).

Thank you to both candidates and the volunteers of both campaigns.  No matter what our differences over the last few months, they pale in comparison to the differences between our Republican Party and the Democrats.  Our country is in danger of losing what has made it great, and I believe it is up to us to reinstill Republican values in government.

Today begins the general election campaign.  Let’s unite behind our candidate, Patrick Murray, and channel our energies to defeating Jim Moran, who unfailingly and uncritically supports the failed policies of this Congress and Administration at every turn.

On to victory in November!

Best regards,

Mike Ginsberg
8th District Chairman
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