It’s time for Jim Moran to come clean

Folks, check out this press release issued today by and the 8th District GOP:

8th District Republican Committee

September 27, 2010
Contact: Mike Ginsberg, 703-850-5017


Top Moran Donor Pleads Guilty to Campaign Finance Violations

PMA Group, Whose Founder, Paul Magliocchetti, Pled Guilty on Friday, Gave Over $92,000 in Donations to Moran in Exchange for Earmarks

ARLINGTON, VA – In response to PMA Group founder Paul Magliocchetti’s pleading guilty to charges of campaign finance fraud on Friday, the 8th District Republican Committee and the website are calling on Congressman Jim Moran (D-VA) to return or donate to charity the $177,700 he has received from PMA Group since 1989.

According to, PMA Group has been Moran’s top donor since his first run for Congress in 1989. PMA Group donated almost $100,000 to Moran during the 2006 and 2008 election cycles alone.

PMA Group abruptly closed its doors in March 2009 after its offices were raided by the FBI in November 2008 as part of an investigation into its “pay-to-play” schemes. The lobbying group was believed to be exchanging campaign contributions for earmarks or government contracts.  They had extensive ties to several members of the House Appropriations Committee, including Moran and the late Rep. John Murtha (D-PA).

According to FEC records, Magliocchetti, a former senior staffer of the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee on which Moran serves, personally donated $2,000 to Moran in 2006.

“This is dirty money, and another blow to Nancy Pelosi’s promise of an ethical, transparent Congress,” said Mike Ginsberg, chairman of the 8th District Republican Committee, which owns the website. “Rather than provide favors and earmarks to the folks that donate to his campaigns, Jim Moran should do the right thing and donate this money to a worthy charity in the 8th District.” has covered the scandal extensively on its site, highlighting how PMA employees and clients donated a total of over $90,000 to Moran’s brother, Brian Moran, who ran for the Democratic nomination for governor of Virginia in 2009, losing in the primary to state Sen. Creigh Deeds.

“Congressman Moran needs to come clean about his pay-to-play schemes,” said Ginsberg.  In just the first quarter of 2010, Moran received $38,500 in campaign contributions from executives, lobbyists, and PACs of companies for which he has obtained earmarks totaling over $26 million.  “Voters of the 8th District deserve a representative in Congress representing the people of the District, not national lobbyists seeking personal enrichment from federal earmarks,” said Ginsberg.



Recipient Lobbying Firm Project $ Amount
Prologic PMA Group MEDSTARS $1,600,000
ArgonST PMA Group In-Port Video System $1,600,000.00
MobilVox PMA Group JEOD Diver System $1,000,000
Samueli Institute PMA Group CRIMM $1,000,000
Artis LLC PMA Group Optinet Sensor System $800,000
ManTech International PMA Group Open-Architecture System $2,400,000
General Dynamics PMA Group Protector-Dacs $2,400,000


Campaign Contributions from PMA Group to Jim Moran

Donor Date Amount
Green, Kaylene 11/4/2008 $1,000
Koloszar, Melissa 11/4/2008 $5,000
Lynch, John 11/4/2008 $1,500
Magliocchetti, Paul 11/4/2008 $2,000
PMA Group PAC 2/15/2007 $1,000
Donor Date Amount
Magliocchetti, Mark 11/1/2005 $2,000
Donor Date Amount
Cunningham, Daniel 6/8/2007 $1,000
Cunningham, Daniel 6/25/2008 $1,000
Derosa, Rebecca 6/8/2007 $2,000
Derosa, Rebecca 6/25/2007 $1,000
Effords, Richard 6/8/2008 $2,000
Effords, Richard 6/25/2007 $2,000
Giardina, Julie 6/8/2007 $1,000
Giardina, Julie 6/25/2007 $2,000
Green, Kaylene 6/8/2007 $1,000
Kaelin, Richard 6/8/2007 $1,000
Kaelin, Richard 6/25/2007 $1,000
Koloszar, Melissa 6/8/2007 $2,000
Koloszar, Melissa 6/16/2007 $2,000
Lynch, John 6/8/2007 $2,000
Lynch, John 6/8/2007< /div> $1,500
Magliocchetti, Leslie 6/8/2007 $1,000
Magliocchetti, Leslie 6/10/2008 $500
Magliocchetti, Mark 6/8/2007 $1,000
Magliocchetti, Mark 6/10/2008 $1,000
Magliocchetti, Paul 6/8/2007 $2,000
Magliocchetti, Paul 6/16/2008 $1,000
Roberts, Elizabeth 6/8/2007 $1,000
Roberts, Elizabeth 6/19/2008 $1,000
Thiel, Brian 6/8/2007 $1,000
Veltri, Thomas 6/8/2007 $1,000
Veltri, Thomas 6/16/2008 $1,000
PMA Group PAC 2/15/2007 $1,000
Cunningham, Daniel 16-Jun $2,000 g/?25970615557
Cunningham, Daniel 6/6/2006 $2,000
Derosa, Rebecca 6/30/2005 $2,000
Derosa, Rebecca 5/30/2006 $2,000
Fogarty, Francis 6/16/2005 $500
Fogarty, Francis 6/6/2006 $500
Green, Kaylene 6/16/2005 $1,000
Kaelin, Richard 6/6/2006 $2,000 fecimg/?26950233132
Kaelin, Richard 6/16/2005 $2,000
Koloszar, Meliss 6/6/2006 $2,000
Lynch, John 6/16/2005 $1,000
Lynch, John 5/30/2006 $2,000
Magliocchetti, jen 6/6/2006 $2,000
Magliocchetti, Leslie 6/6/2006 $2,000
Magliocchetti, Leslie 6/16/2005 $2,000 http://images.nictusa
Magliocchetti, Mark 6/16/2005 $2,000
Magliocchetti, Mark 6/6/2006 $2,000
Magliocchetti, Paul 5/30/2006 $2,000
Magliocchetti, Paul 6/16/2005 $2,000 0D
Roberts, Elizabeth 6/6/2006 $2,000
Thiel, Brian 6/13/2006 $1,000
Thiel, Brian 10/14/2006 $1,000
Vandesand, Scott 10/14/2006 $500 0D
Veltri, Tom 6/6/2006 $1,000
Welch, Sandra 5/30/2006 $2,000
Welch, Sandra 6/16/2005 $2,000
PMA Group PAC 6/26/2006 $2,000
total $92,000



  • The lobbying firm PMA Group Inc. has given Rep. Moran $92,000 over the last two election cycles.  In return, Moran has rewarded the PMA clients with earmarks of over $10.8 million.
  • After hearing that the FBI had raided PMA headquarters, Rep. Moran went on the record to defend the firm’s president, Paul Magliocchetti.  Rep.  James P. Moran Jr. (D-Va.), whose Alexandria-based district is home to many of the contractors who received earmarks while being represented by PMA, defended Murtha’s earmarks and PMA yesterday. PMA was Moran’s top donor in the last election cycle, giving $37,500. “Paul Magliocchetti is probably the most professional of all representatives of small defense firms,” he said, noting that Magliocchetti sought Pentagon approval for his projects and that Moran never regretted supporting them. “They all knew that if they weren’t doing good work, they weren’t going to get the money.” (Carol Leonnig and Paul Kane, “Raided Firms Have Murtha Ties,” The Washington Post, 2/11/09)
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