Drop Stan Barry!

Check out the Fairfax County Republican Committee’s new website about the corruption of Fairfax County Sheriff Stan Barry, DropStanBarry.org. From FCRC:

Fairfax County Sheriff Stan Barry, a Democrat, has broken his word and violated the public’s trust. And his first public response to the revelation that he is personally profiting from a retirement program he shouldn’t even participating in…to the tune of over $1 million dollars. He says, “What I want to do is be re-elected sheriff. I’m not looking for any extra pay,” said Barry.

What? You aren’t looking for extra pay? Oh ok… then why join the DROP retirement program in the first place?

Sheriff Stan Barry is the epitome of an arrogant politician out of touch with reality and the voters and taxpayers of Fairfax.

Let’s review the situation:


Stan Barry enrolled in a public employee pension program, called “DROP” (Deferred Retirement Option Program) that was never intended to be for elected officials. Government workers who have reached retirement age can enroll in DROP to continue working for three years, and after those three years they leave. This process is irreversible, and by enrolling in the program you give your word that you’re out after three years. Stan Barry has broken this promise.


Following a successful pilot program with firefighters, Fairfax County extended DROP to all government workers. When a worker reaches retirement age, they have the option to enroll in DROP. They continue to earn salary and benefits for three years, but they no longer contribute to the retirement system and their pension is invested and accrues interest. After three years, they leave the job and can get their increased pension in a lump-sum payment.

This benefits workers by allowing them to increase their pension while still earning salary and benefits. It benefits the county by retaining the institutional knowledge of older civil servants and making the transition from retired workers to their replacements more orderly. When you enroll in DROP, you have an unmovable date that your employment ends. This helps County departments plan more efficiently for departures.


The DROP system was never intended for elected officials, because elected officials can’t be fired by the County. Stan Barry enrolled in DROP anyways, violating the honor and fairness of the system. After his three  years is up in March 2012, Stan Barry intends to continue being employed by Fairfax County, $1,000,000.00 richer from the three years he was in DROP. The law is clear… if you are in the DROP program you must retire at the end of your three years. By running for re-election Sheriff Barry is now violating that County law as well.

NOT LOOKING FOR EXTRA PAY? Do the math. Stan Barry knew DROP was not intended for elected officials. As the top law enforcement officer in the County, he found a loophole in the law he has sworn to uphold. Stan Barry knew that DROP was set-up to provide an orderly transition as retirees leave the workplace. By running for re-election, he has proven he has no intention of honoring the committment he made by enrolling in DROP, nor did his decision have anything to do with a transition. It had to do with money. Your money.    The only other reason is to exploit the loophole for personal gain. And now you and your family will have to open your wallet so Stan Barry can fill his.


Tell your neighbors. Tell your friends. Forward this email on. Write a letter to the editor.

Check out http://www.DropStanBarry.org and find out more.

Most importantly, vote on November 8th and let’s DROP democrat Stan Barry for good!

Anthony Bedell
Fairfax County Republican Committee

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