The elections

Despite the outstanding efforts of our candidates and volunteers here in Northern Virginia, the results of this year’s elections were disappointing. But now is a time to celebrate that we have retaken control of the Senate!

As Delegate Tim Hugo, House Republican Caucus Chairman, said at the Fairfax County GOP election night party, the strong races run by Republicans here forced Democrats to use much of their resources here instead of against Senators-elect Bryce Reeves (17th District) and Bill Stanley (20th District), who won by the extremely close margins of 222 votes and 645 votes, respectively.

Congratulations and thank you to Miller Baker, Jeff Frederick, Robert Sarvis, Patrick Forrest, Caren Merrick, Tim McGhee, Mac Cannon, Chris Marston, Spike Williams, Bill Cooper, Dennis Husch, David Feld, David Feld, Chris Grisafe, Lolita Mancheno-Smoak, Shree Brown-Kaplan, Lin-Dai Kendall, Nancy Linton, Michelle Nellenbach, and Thomas Cranmer for hard-fought races.

Congratulations to Tim Hugo, John Cook, Barbara Comstock, Dave Albo, Elizabeth Schultz, Patty Reed, John Peterson, Pat Herrity, Michael Frey, and all our incumbents on winning re-election.

Thank you to all of you for your tireless efforts and your votes. We’ll have more on the elections later this week.

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