8th District GOP Award Winners

Congratulations to the Alexandria Republican City Committee for winning the award for best unit committee in the entire state! See this message from 8th District GOP Chairman Mike Ginsberg with the recap of all award winners.

Each year, coincident with the Advance, the RPV District Committees give awards to their top units, unit chairmen, and volunteers.  This year, the 8th District had some terrific award winners.  The 2011 8th District GOP award winners were:

Best Volunteers:  Brian Pandya (Arlington), Roz Bellis (Alexandria), and Marianne Coates (Alexandria).  Brian has been the precinct operations co-chair for the Arlington GOP in the last three election cycles.  In that time, they have recruited precinct captains in nearly every precinct, and have ensured coverage at each polling place on election day for providing sample ballots and other important election day information to voters.  Roz and Marianne have co-chaired the Alexandria GOP precinct operations for the last several cycles, and they too have organized one of the deepest precinct operations networks the Alexandria GOP has had.  All three have played an essential role in the Arlington GOP’s and Alexandria GOP’s grassroots efforts over several election cycles, and for that, they are the top volunteers of the year for 2011.

Best Unit Chair:  Mark Kelly, Arlington GOP.  In August, with the 2011 election right around the corner and campaign activities beginning to move into high gear, Mark stepped up and filled the vacancy in the chairmanship of the Arlington GOP.  Although time was short and there was much work to do to prepare for the 2011 elections, Mark ensured that the Arlington GOP did not skip a beat.  The campaign headquarters was its usual bustling self around election time, and all of the committee’s activities — fundraising, precinct operations, phone banking — went off smoothly thanks to Mark’s leadership.

Best Unit: Alexandria.  The Alexandria GOP had a strong year, designing and launching a new website and fielding a candidate for local office (Chris Marston for Clerk of Court). The committee organized itself for this local race and for the several state Senate races in Alexandria.

AND IN EXCITING NEWS: In addition to being awarded the 8th District top unit, the Alexandria GOP was selected by RPV, the state party, as the top GOP unit of 2011!  This is a tremendous honor and a tribute to the hard work of the party not just this year, but over the last several cycles where success in Alexandria has meant success for many GOP candidates, including Bob McDonnell, Bill Bolling, and Ken Cuccinelli.  Congratulations to Tom Fulton and Brenda Hankins, who both served as Alexandria GOP chairman in 2011, and to all of the volunteers and members of the Alexandria GOP for this great success and honor.

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