Help the candidates get on the primary ballot

Under state law, candidates for the House of Representatives must gather 1,000 valid signatures from registered voters in the 8th District, and candidates for U.S. Senate are required to gather 10,000 valid signatures of registered voters, including a minimum of 400 from each congressional district, to get on the primary ballot on June 12th. If you’re interested in getting involved with a campaign, this is a great way to help, and the campaigns need a lot of help to get the signatures.

Patrick Murray — To help, contact Shari Bolouri at

George Allen — To help, contact Tim Nussbaum at

E.W. Jackson — To help, contact or 757-802-4246.

David McCormick — To help, contact or 757-749-8528.

Jamie Radtke — To help, contact 804-451-5985.

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