General Assembly convenes Wednesday + Absentee voting begins next week

The General Assembly will convene for the 2012 Regular Session on Wednesday, January 11, 2012, at noon at the State Capitol in Richmond. Congratulations to our newly-elected and re-elected Republicans in the General Assembly, especially our two new Republican senators, Bryce Reeves and Bill Stanley! The GOP has a 68-seat majority in the House of Delegates, the largest majority for either party in the history of the state. Republicans also control the Senate with 20 seats and Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling casting the tiebreaking vote as president of the Senate. For the first time since the Civil War, the GOP now controls both houses of the General Assembly and the governorship. Now let’s get to work!

In-person absentee voting for the presidential primary begins Friday, January 20. Click here to find where you can vote absentee in person.

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