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Convention Candidates

The deadline to file to run for an office to be elected at the 8th District Convention was this past Friday, February 24th. Here is a list of candidates who filed to run:

District Chairman Candidates
Mike Ginsberg

State Central Committee Candidates
Samuel Hillenberg
Mark Kelly
Anne LeHuray
Marti Meersman
Rich Nilsen

Delegate to the Republican National Convention Candidates
Erin Anderson
Patrick Bailey
Matthew Burrow
Evan Draim
Christopher Doss
Charles Hokanson
James Lafferty

Alternate Delegate to the Republican National Convention Candidates
Heather Homan
Marta Saltus
James Scarborough
Maggie Wynne

Elector in the Electoral College Candidates
Barbara Bowie-Whitman
George Croft

Thanks to all those who filed!

The deadlines to sign up for the 8th District Convention as a delegate from Arlington and Falls Church have passed.

The deadline for residents of the City of Alexandria is March 17th for signing up in person; mailed filings must be postmarked by March 14th. Download the filing form and instructions here.

The deadline for Fairfax County residents is March 10th. Download the filing form and instructions here (PDF).


Presidential Campaign Activities in the 8th District

Ron Paul is coming to the 8th District – there will be a campaign rally on Tuesday, February 28th at 6:30 pm at the Waterford at 6715 Commerce St. in Springfield (map). Details available here.

The Mitt Romney presidential campaign has set up phone banks in Alexandria and D.C. to contact Virginia voters for the March 6th primary. The Alexandria phone bank is at 1033 North Fairfax St., Suite 400 (map). The D.C. phone bank is at 11 D St. SE (map). The phone banks are open Monday through Friday 5:00-9:00 pm; Saturday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm; and Sunday 11:00 am – 6:00 pm. Contact Iris Somberg at isomberg@mittromney.com for more information.

The Rick Santorum presidential campaign has a call from home program where you can contact voters in key states on behalf of the campaign using any phone – no travel necessary. Sign up online here.


Mark Kelly, Patrick Murray Campaign Updates

The Mark Kelly for Arlington County Board campaign has set up a phone bank at the Arlington GOP headquarters at 405 South Glebe Road in Arlington (map). Your help is critical as time is short before the March 27th special election! Also, the campaign will be stationed at Arlington polling places for the March 6th presidential primary to get the word out to Republican voters about Kelly’s candidacy in the special election. If you can help, even for an hour, please contact Brad McKinney at bradley.mckinney@gmail.com, or Goud Maragani at goud.p.maragani@gmail.com.

The Patrick Murray for Congress campaign will also be stationing volunteers at polling places for the primary to gather ballot petition signatures and to hand out literature. If you can help, contact the campaign at patrick@murrayforcongress.com or 703-548-4977.


New GOP Leadership in Arlington & Falls Church

This past week, the Arlington GOP elected Charles Hokanson as its new Chairman for 2012-2014. Charles most recently served as the Arlington GOP’s Vice-Chairman. He has also served in a number of positions related to education policy, including working for Rep. John Boehner. Charles has been a die-hard activist and will be a great leader of the Arlington GOP.

In Falls Church, Ken Feltman was elected the new Chairman of the Falls Church GOP. Ken has a long background in politics, and is a longtime resident of Falls Church. He brings political experience and a strong understanding of local issues to the position.

A big thank you to Mark Kelly, who stepped up and filled the remaining portion of the 2010-2012 Arlington GOP chairman term for the last six months, and to Bruce Swenson, who did amazing work revitalizing the Falls Church GOP as chairman over the last two years and whose work was instrumental helping statewide candidates win in 2009 and local candidates win seats on the city council.


Upcoming Events

Finally, there’s a lot going on in Northern Virginia in March – check out our Upcoming Events page to see all the exciting GOP events this month!

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