Primary results

As you probably know, Mitt Romney won yesterday’s Virginia primary. The unofficial results from the State Board of Elections show Romney won the 8th District with 14,545 votes (64%) to Ron Paul’s 8,205 votes (36%). The statewide margin was 60%-40%.  Congratulations to the Mitt Romney campaign on its victory and to the Ron Paul campaign for its hard work during the primary season.

Nationally, Romney won Alaska, Idaho, Massachusetts, Ohio, and Vermont. Rick Santorum won North Dakota, Oklahoma, and Tennessee. Newt Gingrich won Georgia. Paul picked up delegates in several states.

Congratulations to all the candidates for their performances last night, and thank you to all of the volunteers who staffed precincts last night for national, state, and local candidates and to recruit volunteers for the local GOP committees.

The battle for the nomination continues to the next states – there are still ways you can help the campaigns going forward:

The Rick Santorum campaign has a call from home program where you can sign up with just your name and email and immediately start calling voters in upcoming primary states on behalf of the campaign in the comfort of your home at your leisure. All you need is a phone and a computer. To sign up and begin calling, click here.

The Mitt Romney campaign is recruiting volunteers in the 8th District. Please contact Iris Somberg at if you are interested in getting involved.

If you know of opportunities for Virginia volunteers for the other candidates, send them to to have them published on the website, and to to have them published in the newsletter.

Thanks to all our volunteers from the Alexandria, Arlington, and Fairfax County Republican Committees, as well as the Kelly and Murray campaigns, who worked at the polls Tuesday. FCRC reported that they recruited over 250 new Republican volunteers at the polls!

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