Congratulations GEORGE ALLEN!

UPDATE 6/13/2012: With all but one precinct reporting elsewhere in the state, Allen has won with 65.5% of the vote, followed by Jamie Radtke (23.0%), Bob Marshall (6.8%), and E.W. Jackson (4.7%).

In the 8th District, 13,954 votes were cast.

Results for the 8th District:
Allen – 74.3%
Radtke – 15.6%
Marshall – 7.9%
Jackson – 2.1%

Results for the cities/counties in the 8th District:
Alexandria City – Allen (79.3%), Radtke (13.5%), Marshall (5.6%), Jackson (1.6%)

Arlington County – Allen (71.6%), Radtke (17.7%), Marshall (8.1%), Jackson (2.5%)

Fairfax County (8th District part) – Allen (74.1%), Radtke (15.5%), Marshall (8.3%), Jackson (2.0%)

Falls Church City: Allen (67.0%), Marshall (15.5%), Radtke (11.6%), Jackson (6.0%)


George Allen will be the next United States Senator from Virginia! With 99% of precincts reporting, Allen has 65% of the vote and will be our Republican nominee to face off against Tim Kaine. In a race of former governors, we will show voters their records – Allen’s record of fiscal responsibility and American values against Kaine’s record of fiscal recklessness and hyperpartisan far left politicking.

Congratulations to Jamie Radtke, Delegate Bob Marshall, and Bishop E.W. Jackson for their hard fought campaigns. They are all stellar candidates and any one of them would have made an excellent nominee. Each of them will be an important voice in the party going forward and we look forward to their future contributions to the Virginia GOP.

Full results aren’t in yet, but Allen won the 8th District with about 74% of the vote, followed by Radtke, Marshall, and Jackson. We’ll have full results in the morning as well as a statement from 8th District GOP chairman Mike Ginsberg.

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