Statement from the Fairfax County Republican Committee

Fairfax Republicans React to Judge’s Decision Regarding Fairfax Electoral Board
Unprecedented Disapproval of Chairman’s Nomination of Mr. Hans Von Spakovsky Sets Negative Tone and Disadvantages County Residents

Fairfax, VA – The Fairfax County Republican Committee Chairman, Mr. Jay McConville, issued the following statement today after a panel of judges on the Circuit Court failed to reappoint Hans Von Spakovsky to the County Electoral Board:

“For as long as anyone can remember Fairfax County political committee chairs have been able, as provided by law, to nominate their representatives to the County Electoral Board without interference by the opposing party. Today that all changed in Fairfax when a panel of judges on the Circuit Court, in response to an unprecedented and unnecessary challenge by the Fairfax County Democrat Committee, rejected my appointment of Hans Von Spakovsky, and instead appointed our alternate nominee, Mr. Brian Schoeneman. While Brian is a fine lawyer who will serve the community well, this decision violates both tradition and the prerogative of our Republican Committee. It is disappointing that the judges would bow to political pressure and allow partisan gamesmanship to win the day. More than that, it is shocking that the FCDC would challenge the capabilities of Mr. Von Spakovsky, who has served this community so well and with great dedication during his previous term. Clearly the FCDC is more interested in partisan fights than in the proper functioning of the electoral system or the integrity of the vote. Mr. Von Spakovsky is a nationally recognized expert in the electoral process, and his service will certainly be missed. During his tenure on the board there were only three votes that were not unanimous, so claims of partisanship are baseless. Using this appointment for partisan point-scoring, however, is outrageous, unprecedented, and beneath the dignity of a political organization in Fairfax County. The FCDC’s dishonesty regarding our party’s commitment to electoral integrity, and their continued interference with, and bullying of, the County Electoral Board, needs to end. The people of this community should not be manipulated for the sake of partisan games.”

Virginia law permits the Chairman of the respective county political committees to nominate three prioritized individuals for the Electoral Board seat in the year a serving member’s term ends. The judges have always granted the Chairman’s first choice, and neither party has objected to those nominations. Mr. Von Spakovsky is clearly and unambiguously qualified for the position and has served well and honorably during his term.

“The people of Fairfax County need to be aware that the Fairfax Democrats are playing games and manipulating the electoral system,” said Fairfax GOP Chairman Jay McConville. “I am very disappointed that the judges allowed them to get away with it on this occasion. It appears we have no recourse, but you can bet we will continue to fight against this manipulation and for the integrity of the vote in Fairfax.”

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