Live from the convention

10:09 pm — Our 2013 Republican Ticket:
Ken Cuccinelli for Governor!
E.W. Jackson for Lt. Governor!
Mark Obenshain for Attorney General!

4:24 pm — Mark Obenshain has officially been nominated for Attorney General!

4:52 pm — As per convention rules, Jeannemarie Davis and Steve Martin are eliminated as the two candidates with the fewest votes on the first ballot for Lieutenant Governor. Voting now begins on the second ballot with the remaining five candidates (Jackson, Lingamfelter, Snyder, Stewart, and Stimpson).

7:20 pm — In the second round of balloting, E.W. Jackson is first with 38.2%, followed by Pete Snyder with 17.3% and Corey Stewart with 16.8%. Susan Simpson (15.7%) and Scott Lingamfelter (12.1%) are eliminated. Voting on a third ballot commences now.

9:09 pm — E.W. Jackson is first in the third ballot with 49.7%, followed by Pete Snyder with 30.6% and Corey Stewart with 19.7% (now eliminated). A 50%+1 majority is required, so E.W. Jackson and Pete Snyder advance to a fourth and final ballot.

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