From Pete Snyder

Pete Snyder sent out the following email this morning:


After an amazing and exciting 2013 RPV Convention this past Saturday, one thing is clear for our party: Now is the time to UNITE!

Congratulations to our Gubernatorial nominee and standard bearer Ken Cuccinelli, our Attorney General nominee, Mark Obenshain — and a very special congratulations and thanks to our Lt. Governor nominee, E.W. Jackson! E.W. is a principled fighter for our cause, a true entrepreneur, and a wonderful, wonderful man. Trust me, I know — I spent more time over the past year running around Virginia with E.W. than I have with my wife, Burson!

I am confident E.W. and our entire ticket will serve our party well and lead us to Victory in November. I unequivocally and wholeheartedly endorse all of our nominees and Burson and I are firmly committed to working hard for all of them in the months ahead ’til November.

I’d also like to thank and congratulate all of the other fine Republican candidates I spent so much time on the trail with this year. And to the thousands of fellow Virginians who supported my candidacy, Burson and I would like to send you our heartfelt thanks for your hard work and prayers. You will be hearing from us to personally express our gratitude in the days ahead.

Now, I know I’ve asked a lot of y’all over the past few months — but I’m writing today to ask you one more favor. I just made a contribution to support E.W. Jackson as our next Lieutenant Governor. Will you join me in visiting and contributing $10, $25, $50, or even $100 or more — whatever you can spare to help E.W. win?

From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Let’s keep fighting for the future, for our conservative principles and for our Republican candidates in 2013.


Pete Snyder


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