On Jim Moran’s retirement

Note from the webmaster: Mike Ginsberg was quoted in National Review today: click here to read the article!

Dear 8th District Republicans,

Yesterday was a great day in the 8th District of Virginia.  Jim Moran has finally announced his retirement.

RJM_RetiredAnd now, the 8th District Committee is gearing up for a Republican to win this open seat in a year that likely will be a strong GOP year.

In honor of Jim’s retirement and to help us get ready for a strong campaign, will you join our online retirement party?

We’re accepting gifts of any size, but we have some recommendations.

$23 — Jim’s Tenure in Congress
$35 — Jim’s Years of “Public Service”
$51 — Appropriations Committee Members who won’t have to work with Jim
$114 — The first Jim Moran-free Congress since 1991
$434 — Members of the House who won’t have to put up with Jim’s antics
$1,000 — The number of Jim’s gaffes in the last 10 years
$5,000 — The number of Jim’s gaffes since 1979

Visit our donation page and make a donation in one of these amounts or the amount of your choice.

Our only regret is that we won’t have Jim Moran to kick around any more.

Best regards,

Mike Ginsberg
8th District Chairman

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