Vihstadt wins!

GOP-endorsed candidate John Vihstadt has won the special election for Arlington County Board, beating the Democratic candidate by 17 points!

Here’s what Republican Party of Virginia Chair Pat Mullins said about tonight’s results:

If it can happen in Arlington County it can happen anywhere.

Tonight there was a special election in Arlington for the County Board of Supervisors. Arlington, one of Virginia’s most Democrat counties, went 69% for Obama in 2012 and hasn’t had a locally elected Republican since the 1990’s.

In tonight’s special election, John Vihstadt, the Republican endorsed Independent candidate for the Board, beat the Democrat nominee by over 15 points, getting 57% of the vote!

Congratulations go to the 8th District GOP Committee, the Arlington County Republican Committee, and the Arlington/Falls Church Young Republicans who all put in a lot of work to make this victory possible.

Ladies and Gentlemen, 2014 is going to be a good Republican year.

People are fed up with big government, Obamacare, over-taxing, over-spending, and intrusive government that infringes on our liberties.

Mark Warner – the deciding vote for Obamacare – and the Virginia congressional Democrats better look out. If it can happen in Arlington, it can happen anywhere in Virginia.

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