From the Chairman: Dog Days of Summer

With family vacations, weekend trips to the beach, and the neighborhood pool on our minds, political activity can often been an afterthought in the summer. But, with each passing day, the election gets one day closer. Next week, we will be just 100 days from November 4th. Today, we are just 29 days from the special election in the 48th District.

And, political scientists tell us that personal, one-on-one contact is the most effective way to increase our vote totals. That means at their front doors. And, that takes the most time and effort to accomplish.

So, while it may be the dog days of summer, the team who gets the most done in the heat will have a big advantage on Election Day. As I told volunteers at the recent Arlington GOP picnic, it may be hot, but put on your most comfortable shoes and grab a bottle of water to go out and walk for the ticket this summer.

Good news for Micah Edmond — Don Beyer seems to be phoning it in for the general election. When the FEC reports were released last week, it showed that Mr. Beyer essentially stopped raising money after the primary.

With both candidates just $30,000 apart in cash on hand, Micah has a real opportunity to be competitive financially heading into the fall. If you are able to support him with a contribution, please click here now or plan to go to his upcoming event.

Dave Foster needs our help in getting the word out about this special election on August 19th. In-person absentee voting began last week!! Dave and his team are hard at work preparing for the final four week sprint. If you can make phone calls or walk door-to-door, please volunteer online. And, be sure to like his Facebook page to help get the word out via social media.

Mark Kelly

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