From the Chairman: Less than 100 days til Nov. 4th

Let’s face it, there is a lot going on across the globe right now. Our elected leaders in Washington are staring down a foreign policy crisis on multiple fronts — Russia/Ukraine, Gaza and Libya.

Here at home, we have a border crisis. It was caused by an illegal immigration magnet policy set forward by President Obama. In typical fashion, the President tried to blame Congress for it.

Our veterans are being ill-served by a bureaucratic health care system that gives us a little glimpse of what a single-payer, socialized system would be like for the rest of us.

Speaking of Obamacare, the D.C. Circuit Court ruled in favor of the plain meaning of the law, that federal exchange subsidies were illegal. Many of the bill’s supporters are dismissing this damaging ruling as a drafting error.

This spin is tough to buy. Congress uses the threat of financial penalties to get states to act all the time. There is little doubt the bill’s authors would do it here.

Secondly, this is a reminder of what happened when Democrats decided not to negotiate a bill that could pass with bi-partisan support after Scott Brown was elected to the Senate. Instead, Obama, Reid and Pelosi rammed it down the American people’s throats. Ever since, the Obama administration has been waiving and delaying unworkable provisions – provisions backed 100% by Senator Mark Warner.

Since the 4th Circuit disagreed on the subsidies provision, this issue seems almost certainly headed for the Supreme Court. In the meantime, insurers are sending out early warnings that we will see another jump in premiums — despite the promise from President Obama that this law would lower our health care costs.

Obamacare is a mess, and Mark Warner owns it.

It is no wonder that Senator Warner came out swinging in his debate with Ed Gillespie last weekend. He knows that the national environment is bad for Democrats and could get much worse. And, since he votes with the Obama/Reid positions 97% of the time, he cannot escape his record.

The issues are on our side, now we just have to put the boots on the ground to match the Democrats who are desperate to save Senator Warner from the sinking ship of the Obama presidency.

While we work toward victory in the fall, don’t forget that Dave Foster can use your help in the 48th District special election now. If you are able, please consider volunteering to knock doors or make calls for him leading up to Election Day August 19th.

Mark Kelly

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