From the Chairman: Special Election Update

Next Tuesday is the Special Election in the 48th House of Delegates seat in the General Assembly.

In typical fashion, Democrats are trying to turnout their voters by trumpeting Rip Sullivan’s support for their liberal agenda. And, they are hitting Republican nominee Dave Foster for allegedly being a part of a Republican “war on women.”

It’s a page right out of President Obama’s 2012 playbook.Today, that playbook is looking a little less likely to succeed.

The Bearing Drift blog published the first details of a gender discrimination/wrongful termination lawsuit against Democrat nominee Rip Sullivan’s law firm. According to the documents, Sullivan allegedly was the one who recommended the termination in question.

For more details on these shocking allegations, click here. Mr. Sullivan certainly has a lot to answer for regarding his role in this case.

In the closing days, we can work together to promote Dave Foster’s positive record of working collaboratively on the Arlington School Board and the Virginia Board of Education. We can talk about Dave’s opposition to wasting our scarce transportation dollars on the streetcar. We can remind people that Dave opposes raising taxes on energy, and Dave opposes Sullivan’s proposal to reinstate the death tax.

If you can volunteer for Dave in the final 72 hours to get out the vote in this low turnout race, please sign up at his website here:

Mark Kelly

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