“Rip” Sullivan’s War on Women

From the Fairfax County GOP:

Various online sources have now reported that “Rip” Sullivan, the Democratic candidate for the open seat in the 48th House of Delegates, played a questionable role in a wrongful termination and gender discrimination lawsuit that was ultimately settled by his law firm. The appalling details behind the litigation can be found here – but the bottom line is that serious questions have been raised about Sullivan’s attitudes towards women and the disabled.

On July 31, at a joint press conference, Sullivan stated that he believes that a woman’s health decisions should be between her and her doctor. Yet, if the allegations in the litigation are true, Sullivan – an attorney, not a doctor – believes that it is acceptable to pressure a woman who was injured while working for his law firm to return to work earlier than her doctor had recommended. He also believes that a woman in that position is not entitled to reasonable accommodations by her employer. And he believes that she should be discharged even when male employees with comparable performance records are retained.

In fairness to Mr. Sullivan, we have only heard one side of the story. But we have seen no response to the charges from Mr. Sullivan. And of course his allies in the local press have no interest in giving the voters the information they need to decide. Still, we can be certain that if “Rip” Sullivan were a Republican he would not be allowed to skate by without more scrutiny on this matter.

If Sullivan has the audacity to treat his own employee with such disdain, how will he treat his constituents in Virginia’s 48th House District? His silence on this matter speaks volumes. The stakes are too high to take a chance on “Rip.”

Fortunately, voters have a choice. Dave Foster has an unblemished record of public service on the Arlington County School Board and the State Board of Education, and we can count on him to treat all of his constituents fairly and honestly.

On Tuesday, vote for Dave Foster to be the next delegate from the 48th House District!

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