48th House District Special Election: Vote TODAY!


Special Election Day for the 48th District House of Delegates seat is TOMORROW, Tuesday, August 19th! Polls will be open from 6:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Dave Foster is our Republican nominee! He is a longtime Arlington resident who served two terms on the Arlington County School Board, and served two terms on the Virginia Board of Education, including one term as President of the Board. He is highly qualified for the job and will make an excellent delegate – if we get out and vote for him!

(You can read about his opponent’s “war on women” in the posts below.)

Turnout for this election is expected to be very low, so every vote counts, even more so than usual. Earlier this year, a special election for state Senate in the Eastern Shore of Virginia was decided by a margin of nine votes out of 20,000 cast – and the Republican candidate lost. One person really can decide an election. Terry McAuliffe showed in the budget showdown that he is willing to break the law and bully legislators to get what he wants, so we need to send another Republican to the House of Delegates to stand strong against Terry McAuliffe. Please go out and vote for Dave Foster!

All but one of the precincts in the 48th House District are in the 8th District – 13 in Arlington and 7 in Fairfax County.

If you vote in one of the precincts listed below, please go out and vote for Dave Foster tomorrow!:

6 – Crystal City
7 – Cherrydale
10 – Wilson
16 – Lyon Village
19 – Rosslyn
20 – Thrifton
24 – Woodlawn
33 – Rock Spring
34 – Yorktown
35 – Madison
36 – Marshall
44 – Dawson Terrace
50 – Crystal Plaza

302 – Chesterbrook
305 – El Nido
307 – Haycock
310 – Kirby
312 – Longfellow
314 – McLean
318 – Westmoreland
333 – Salona #2

TO CHECK IF YOU ARE IN THE 48TH DISTRICT, AND TO CHECK YOUR POLLING PLACE: Click here to go to the Virginia State Board of Elections’ voter tool. Select your county (Arlington or Fairfax), enter your address, and click Search. Your poll location is listed first. Underneath that box is a blue heading that says Districts. If nothing shows up underneath it, click the small + symbol to expand the box. Your district is listed as “House of Delegates: 0__”.

Click here to go to our special election info page for more about the election and about Dave Foster.

Volunteers are needed to help the Foster campaign on election day. If you want to be a poll watcher, or go door to door to turn out the vote, please contact Chris Marston at chris.marston@gmail.com.

Again, we need your help to elect Dave Foster and strengthen our Republican majority in the House of Delegates to stand firm against Terry McAuliffe’s overreaches. Please get out and VOTE!


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