From the Fairfax GOP Chairman: For a Government that Serves the People, Vote Ed Gillespie

This country is a mess.  Not an irredeemable mess, but still a mess.

Our foreign policy is a shambles.  The best health care system in the world and the strongest, most effective military forces in history are being dismantled, both by deliberate government action.  Our educational system consistently underperforms, despite the vast sums spent on our schools.   The economy isn’t producing enough jobs to ensure full employment.  Our immigration policy is fundamentally irrational.  Businesses are trapped in a growing spider web of regulation that lowers productivity and restricts innovation and growth.  All of this is apparent to anybody with eyes to see or ears to hear.
Barack Obama and Mark Warner were elected in 2008 with the promise that they would make America a better place.  By any measure, both men have failed.  They have failed because they don’t see the bankruptcy of the liberal/progressive ideology that dominates the Democratic Party.  And make no mistake – they share the same outdated ideology.

We can change things on Tuesday.

We are stuck with Obama for two more years, when we can elect a Republican President to set a new agenda.   But until then, a new Republican Congress can lay the groundwork for reform by introducing new ideas for solving our most pressing problems.  If Obama vetoes them, so be it – but we will have begun a dialogue with the Nation about what needs to be done.  Today there is no dialogue:  Only Obama’s imperial dictates and Harry Reid’s stonewalling.

We may be stuck with Obama, but we are not stuck with Mark Warner.  And Warner does not deserve to be reelected, because by his own terms he has failed:  He has not been a voice for centrism or moderation in the Senate, as he once promised.  He hasn’t been a voice for anything.  Mark Warner has spent the last six years watching Virginia and America decline, never once saying a word.  What legislation has he introduced in the Senate to address any of the problems that matter to Virginians?  What policies has he vigorously and consistently advocated and pursued?         

Ed Gillespie has done more to make America better in the last ten months than Mark Warner has in six years.   Ed has proposed real solutions to real problems:  

– Replacing Obamacare with a sensible, market-based approach;
– Helping businesses and families thrive by reforming our tax code and easing needlessly burdensome regulations;
– Improving our schools through competition and choice; and
– Reining in federal spending by passing a Balanced Budget Amendment.

America needs fresh thinking, grounded in conservative principles.  That will never happen with any so-called “radical centrist” in office.  We need the largest Republican majority in the Senate we can muster.  We need Ed Gillespie in the Senate to help lead and light the way. 

Stop Obama, replace Harry Reid, vote for a government that truly serves the people – vote for Ed Gillespie on Tuesday. 

Most sincerely, 
Matt Ames
Fairfax County Republican Committee

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