From the Chairman: New Poll: Gillespie within 4%

Today is Halloween and Mark Warner’s worst nightmare came true — Ed Gillespie is within striking distance. 

According to polling from Vox Populi, the pollster that first predicted Eric Cantor’s race was close, Mark Warner is only leading 44% to 40%.

Like Senate races across the country, this one is breaking our way. And, we have 96 hours before the polls open to get Ed across the finish line.

What can you do?

Use this Facebook App to help Ed turn out votes.

Take two hours this weekend to knock on doors to encourage our supporters to get out and vote. You can contact Juanita Balenger with Virginia Victory at or 703-731-1032 to get involved with door knocking for Ed and Micah.

Sign up to work inside the polls on Election Day to let the campaign know who has voted already so they can turn out supporters who have not made it to the polls yet (see the unit info below).

Mark Kelly

P.S. As you talk with your fellow Republicans, remind them that they can still vote absentee if they think for any reason they may be out of town or delayed in getting to the polls on election day (in person through Saturday). As we know, one accident on the beltway can ruin an entire evening commute! We cannot leave afford to leave any votes sitting in TRAFFIC!

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