Statement from RPV Chairman Pat Mullins on Ed Gillespie

From Republican Party of Virginia Chairman Pat Mullins:

“There aren’t proper words to describe how proud and grateful I am for the campaign run by Ed Gillespie. While the press and the polls gave him no chance at all — and many scoffed at him for even trying — Ed pressed on, ran his own race, and came within an eyelash of toppling a giant.

Ed Gillespie presented a positive message for Virginians to rally behind, a belief that our best days are ahead of us — a belief sorely missing during the last six years. All the while, he managed to finally break the spell, finally showing Virginians that Emperor Warner was in fact wearing no bipartisan clothes at all, and was instead a naked partisan. It will be some time before Mark Warner can say one thing in Virginia and do the opposite in Washington.

But more than anything, Ed Gillespie proved that when Virginia Republicans stand united, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish. I have no doubt that Ed Gillespie is far from done in Virginia politics, and that gives me great hope for the future.

Thank you, Ed. Job well done!”

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